Icebreaker Bodyfit200 Oasis Crew

December 11, 2009

Camo is the new colourway for Icebreaker's Bodyfit200 Oasis.

_SIM8089Icebreaker Bodyfit200 Oasis Crew
From: Icebreaker
Price: £50
Tested 11 months

Camo is the new colourway for Icebreaker’s Bodyfit200 Oasis crew. The weight of this knit seems perfect for Spring, Autumn and Winter conditions though to be honest this summer seems to have been a wool season too. While Merino doesn’t outperform synthetics on wicking, it comes into its own on extended trips where its lack of smell after days in the same clothes is a big bonus. There’s no clammy feel to the fabric and Icebreaker’s jersey knit has a soft feel next to the skin.

Overall: A baselayer that you’ll probably end up living in. Perfect for the majority of UK riding.
Dave A

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