Halo Twin Rail Courier Tyre

March 12, 2010

Halo Twin Rail Courier

Tim K's been at it again with flouro.

Halo Twin Rail Courier
Halo Twin Rail Courier tyres

Halo Twin Rail Courier Tyre (Lime Green, 700 x 24mm)
Price: £19.99
From: Ison www.ison-distribution.co.uk
Tested: 600 miles

“What tyres for commuting?” is a common enough question on many forums, so here’s another tyre to throw in the mix. The Twin Rail Courier is the offering from Halo, Ison Distribution’s own brand. The tyres comes in 24mm width with a 120tpi casing, steel bead, puncture protection strips and weighs in at a respectable 335grams. The tread pattern is based around a twin rail design with a zig zag design between the rails and the remaining tread round to the side wall is a chequered block design.

The steel beaded tyres could be fitted without the use of tyre levers but removing did require them to be used, but this will depend on the rim/tyre combo. The tyres rolled well with just the twin rail section of the tyre being in contact with the road surface and they corned confidently with grip in wet or dry conditions being more than adequate.

The 120tpi casing of the tyres gave a supple but firm ride when inflated to the recommended max pressure of 120psi. I did get one flat while commuting that was caused by glass from a broken bottle but on the whole the tyres resisted the detritus throw at them on the roads around Manchester. After 600miles of winter riding the tread has only just started wearing so I dont think the tyres durability will be a problem.

Overall: A great commuting tyre that is a reasonable price, grips well, rides well, it should last well unless you do lots of fixie skids and has good puncture protection. Oh and it comes in lots of lovely colours to brighten up your commuting bike.
Tim K

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