Halo Aerorage Track Wheels

February 25, 2010

The most fluorescent yellow colour ever seen by man.

Halo Aerorage Track Wheels
Halo Aerorage Track Wheels
Price: Front Flouro Yellow £91.00, Rear Flouro Yellow £94.00
Ison Distribution
Tested: 500 miles of Manchester’s finest urban and rural road network

As a regular fixie commuter in need of some wheels, I was given the chance to test some of the flouro yellow Halo Aerorage track wheels. Out of the box the wheels looked good with the 25mm aero section flouro rims, with machined braking surface, being laced with black spokes and nipples to a black 32 hole track hub with silky smooth bearings. The wheels were perfectly true, spoke tension good with nice chromed track nuts to keep everything in place. Once up and running the wheels felt smooth on the road being stiff enough but not overly harsh and everything stayed true even after several unsighted pothole hits.

Halo Aerorage Track Wheels rim

The wheels aren’t the lightest – weighing in at 1kg each – but that didnt stop the wheels being easy enough to spin up. The one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the colour, they are the most fluorescent yellow colour I have ever seen! It isn’t until the wheels are out in natural light that they really show their true colour. However, this colour is perfect for a commuter bike, drivers and pedestrians really do a double take when they see you coming. If the flouro colour is not for you the wheels come in other more civilized colours such as black or purple anodised and powder coat white.

Overall: These are a great set of fixie wheels which should last for many miles and if required the cartridge bearings are easily replaced to keep them running on and on.
Tim K

Halo Aerorage Track Wheels hub

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