Gore Windstopper: Warmers and Gillet

November 17, 2009

Here's our man Oli with some Gore Windstopper garments


Gore Bike Wear Windstopper Arm and Leg Warmers
Price: Armwarmers £25, Legwarmers £35
From: Gore

Yes I know the photo is slightly disturbing but try to concentrate on the Gore goodies.

The front of the arm and leg warmers is made of Gore Windstopper soft shell which as the name suggests stops the wind. Another major benefit (although Gore won’t tell you this) is that it also helps keep the rain out to. I’m not saying that they are waterproof but they will certainly turn a shower. The back of the warmers is made from Gore’s own Thermo-stretch fabric which coupled with the anatomical fit means that these warmers fit like a second skin.

In use they are great. Warm enough for winter time but not too warm for spring and autumn, incredibly comfortable and easy to get on and of thanks to the zips at the hem. For commuting the reflective piping is a major safety plus.

Overall: The person who dreamt up the idea of making arm and legwarmers from Gore’s fantastic Windstopper material really should be knighted.


Gore Bike Wear Function Gilet
Price: £75
From: Gore

Another great product from Gore’s Windstopper line. Obviously it’s made from Gore’s Windstopper soft shell fabric, the fit is on the looser side(or at least less tight) but the important bits are very well fitted. By that I mean the neck is high and snug and the arm holes are also on the snug side. This is a “good thing”. Making the areas of the gilet snug where bits of you stick out it helps keep the warm in and the cold out. Zips are bomb proof and there are a couple of pockets for stuffing things.

In general gilets are great items of clothing, the addition of Windstopper just makes it better. In my opinion this is an essential piece for anyone’s wardrobe, it keeps out the wind and holds its own in a shower. It’s not too warm but keeps you snug as a bug and it’ll last practically forever due to Gore’s unstinting dedication to producing quality garments.

Overall: I love it and I reckon you would too.

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