Endura MTR Windproof long sleeve jersey.

July 18, 2014

Keep warm on windy days without having to cram newspaper down your top..

MTR Windproof short sleeve jersey.
Endura, endura.co.uk
by Chipps for Three months.

Endura’s MTR range now encompasses an entire outfit or two.

Eundura jerseyI’ve been testing out both its long and short sleeve jerseys for spring. They’re light and plain jerseys that should appeal to riders that like a traditional road-style jersey. There’s a full zip up front, with three rear pockets out back. The wide, grippy hem does a great job of keeping the top from riding up, though I’ve never found a full zip jersey sits perfectly flat at the front in the riding position and tends to ruckle up as you bend over. The main feature of the Windproof jersey is, as you’d imagine, a woven windproof fabric on the front panels of the jersey. It comes in stealth black or a less stealthy, but not offensive ‘MTR orange’ colour.

The jersey does a great job of shrugging off chilly windy days – the kind that you get in the UK where it’s not cold enough to wear a jacket, but you’d freeze in just a cycling top or a thermal. It also works well to shrug off water splashes and rain (on the front, where the windproof panel is, anyway). The long sleeve version does add another £15 over the short sleeve, but it’s very versatile, almost doubling as a light rain jacket, so good is its ability to shrug off a shower. The windproof front fabric, by its nature, doesn’t breathe as well as jersey fabric, so it can be sweaty if the weather warms – and there’s a bit of a disconcerting rustling noise to any movement. Other than that, though, a very simple, but practical bit of designing.

Overall: A good ’tween season top that keeps your chest out of the chilly wind. Your mum would approve.

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