DirtBaggies Feature bibs & Classic shell

November 22, 2013

A surprisingly versatile, supremely comfortable bib/baggy combo for any weather

Feature bibs & Classic shell
DirtBaggies, dirtbaggies.com
Bibs $179, baggies $69.00


There aren’t very many ways to radically re-think the baggy short, but that’s what DirtBaggies has done. It realised that many riders prefer to run a quality bib short under a baggy outer, but this can lead to sagging or twisting baggies unless you cinch the waist strap to maximum. Instead of a cheap liner, DirtBaggies starts with one of the comfiest bib shorts I’ve used and adds a super-light baggy short over the top. This is held to the bibs by a tab on either hip. The waistband is kept deliberately loose as it doesn’t need the tension to stay up; it’s held up by the bibs. There’s a button and zip closure at the front, with two slash pockets. Apart from that, they’re short on gadgets. The outer short is a very light shell material with mesh thigh-fronts. They’re designed and sewn in California, but don’t discount them for that just yet.

Despite riding in them in all weathers, the shorts have worked very well. The very lightweight outer dries very quickly which makes it surprisingly good for wet rides if you’re resigned to just getting soggy and the bib short is very comfortable, yet robustly made. In the hot weather, they’re perfect. There’s a love-it or ignore-it fly on the bib and a bib strap pocket for hidden money, key or (sweat-proof) phone storage. The bibs themselves are well ventilated but solidly sewn. The legs are gripper-less, but use a wide band to keep them in place. There’s a more burly/UK-appropriate version of the baggy in the works for 2014, but for now, these are one of my favourite bib and baggy combos.

Overall: A surprisingly versatile, supremely comfortable bib/baggy combo for any weather that’s good enough to get your knees out.

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