CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro Trainer

January 12, 2011

Tim K has been testing out this high end fluid turbo trainer to keep you strong when it's grim outside

Suffering in comfort?

Price: £299.99
From: Paligap
Tested: Two months

Dark cold wet, snowy or icy nights means a distinct lack of riding during the winter months, so for those riders who want to retain fitness or improve, it is time to dust off the turbo trainer and put in some sweaty sessions.

The CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro is a relatively compact unit that can be stashed in whichever room without taking up too much space. Setting the trainer up is simple, snap the legs down, fasten the bike in by just spinning the three pronged knob. A yellow quick release handle is used to move the resistance unit onto the tyre and lock it in position. A good feature of the trainer is that it will fit all wheels sizes including 650b and 29ers. The trainer comes with an easy to understand workout DVD suitable for all riders and it provides an easy or hard workout depending on the effort you put in.

It’s one of the more expensive trainers but as the name suggests it uses fluid to provide resistance rather than the cheaper trainers that use wind. The advantage is that it is quieter, smoother and more realistic to riding on the road. The trainer ticks all the boxes, it is quiet, smooth and stable. The unit is quiet enough to sit and spin in front of the TV or training video without having to crank to volume up to silly levels. There is some flex on the trainer while cranking hard but nothing to be too worried about. The resistance of the fluid unit is excellent, its nice and easy to start with but as you increase the revs it ramps up very realistically.

Overall: A good choice for the serious riders who are going to put a lot of hours in through the winter months or the novice who doesn’t mind spending a bit extra. An excellent trainer, its quietness is followed closely by the simplicity of set up and smoothness.

By Tim K

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