Charge Scoop saddle

November 22, 2013

A well made and comfortable saddle that happens to suit my bum.

Charge Scoop saddle
by Tom Hill for Three months

Grinder 85-12
Saddles are a personal choice, what fits me might not fit you, blah, blah, blah… You know the score – but there still seem to be some saddles out there that work for the significant majority of Joe and Josephine Average riders. The Charge Spoon has long been one of those saddles, and for the record my bum got on with it well. Assuming you’re not one of the outliers, it ticks lots of boxes – not least value.

The Scoop takes a lot of the good things that the Spoon does well, then adds a different construction method and a tweaked shape. The Scoop is strikingly simple. There is no stitching whatsoever (which is a new good thing compared to the Spoon, which has a tendency to abrade the inside leg of shorts). The chromoly rails (a ti-railed version is available for £59.99) attach to a plastic base, atop of which there’s a smooth, waterproof, vinyl-like finish for perching duties. Padding is thin, but enough for my bony behind. The minimalist construction also leads to a minimalist weight of 255g.

I have spent, and will continue to spend, a lot of hours in this saddle. It feels blissfully comfortable to me. If I were to nitpick, and a saddle is one of those components where the small things can make all the difference, I’d rather have a flatter nose – the slight bulge at the front of the Scoop is less comfortable for steep, seated climbing.

The saddle is holding up nicely – no sagging, creaking or premature wear to the outer. The wide choice of colours, and solid value, will only enhance the chances of it becoming a new classic.

Overall: Well made and comfortable saddle that happens to suit my bum.

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