maxxis minion dhf 29in 29er downhill tyre tubeless Tyres

Is the 2.5in Minion DHF the burliest 29er tyre out there? At 1300 grams, Barney thinks so. But it's also one of the grippiest too…

Apr 20th 0
WTB Warden TCS Tough High Grip Tyres

Just how good is the WTB Warden tyre? James Vincent has been putting a set through its paces, and he reckons this is one of the best.…

Mar 8th 0
specialized tyre control casing carbon rim 650b tubeless 2bliss butcher slaughter dry rocky Tyres

Do you run different tyres front to back? Wil reviews the Specialized Butcher & Slaughter combo to see what advantages can be had.…

Oct 18th 1
SM_ContiBaron-8241 Tyres

Sim takes a look at the Continental Project 2.4 from Singletrack Issue 103…

Apr 22nd 1
DSC03092 Tyres

Tyres are never easy to review but our 'downunder' correspondent has given the Bonty XR2 Expert a year of trail testing…

Jan 29th 1
dirt wizard tyre singletrack magazine surly Tyres

Sanny lives in Scotland. Sometimes it rains there. Sometimes it gets muddy. Are these Dirt Wizards what he needs to keep him rolling through the gloop…

Dec 14th 2

Sometimes it's all about the simple things…

Dec 30th 5
procore-valve Wheels

We've had a Procore system for a few weeks now. Long enough to get some first impressions down on digital paper for you.…

Jul 4th 1
DSC_0031 Tyres

Do they resemble their namesake?…

Jul 1st 4
Hubbed to go Wheels

Is the Crossmax XL WTS the adventurer's choice? Mavic thinks so – here's what Dave thinks…

Apr 15th 2
Toothy. Wheels

Want to minimise ice-related downtime? Of course you do. Get some spiked tyres, then…

Jul 1st 0
"After" photo. Tyres

Can Vittoria's latest Knobby McSpeedy really do it all?…

Jan 15th 1
Honey Badger Tyres

Is this a true all rounder? …

Jul 1st 1
nevegal Tyres

The venue may be defunct but how does the tyre measure up…

Nov 10th 3
Michelin Wild Race'r 1 Tyres

Low rolling resistance and straight line speed, but can it hold on through the corners?…

Oct 22nd 1
Magic Mary tyre Tyres

The Magic Mary is Schwalbe’s new top end gravity tyre…

Apr 22nd 0
tyre-1 Tyres

Well worth considering for aggressive riding with a downhill focus.…

Jul 1st 0
Conti MtX tyres Tyres

Versatile and hard-wearing 29in all-rounders.…

Jul 1st 0
Grinder 85-2 Tyres

Jul 1st 0
Issue75_Page_116_Image_0001 Tyres

Jul 1st 0
highroller Tyres

Matt reveals his thoughts on the updated High Roller tyres from Maxxis…

Jul 1st 6
Halo Twin Rail Courier Tyres

Tim K's been at it again with flouro.…

Mar 12th 2

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