Grinder84-5 Other Stuff

Comfy monitor and simple app.…

Dec 30th 4
grinder-24 Other Stuff

Secure and very easy to use (if you can lift your bike over your head)…

Jul 1st 1
83 Grinders-23 Other Stuff

A clean water source for adventures? the good DrJon investigates…

Dec 30th 0
Comes in 5g sachets Other Stuff

A cunning silicone putty that's useful for fixing and fiddling with all kinds of things…

Jan 4th 16
e13 FreeChucker -  a chain device with minimal moving parts... Other Stuff

Ed Oxley's verdict on a single ring chain device that needs no maintenance…

Dec 3rd 8
_SIM7633 Other Stuff

A camper's delight…

Oct 21st 5
RIMG0002 Other Stuff

Bikes, bikes, bikes, but where to put them all? Live in a flat? Got very little space? Need an answer to the SO's familiar statement "we haven't got …

Sep 25th 7
skullcandy Other Stuff

Ear thumping sounds…

Sep 9th 3
pendlebike Other Stuff

When it comes to bombproof bike racks the Pendle wheel support rack takes some beating. We opted for the Type Approval two bike model which attaches t…

Jul 25th 5
geaxpitstopmagnum Other Stuff

The Geax Pit Stop is a neat idea. You take a canister of CO2 but also fi ll it with latex sealant and stick a multi-fi t (Schraeder and presta) valve …

Jul 25th 6
extrawheeltrailer-600x365 Other Stuff

The Extra Wheel is basically one wheel hitched to the rear axle by a clever steel sprung bracket (you get both an adapted QR and 10mm axle nuts which …

Jul 25th 15
canecreekdoublebarrel-600x398 Other Stuff

This shock comes out of a collaboration between Cane Creek and Ohlins Racing, the Swedish suspension gurus who have cut their teeth on the likes of Su…

Jul 25th 17
alpkitfatairic Recommended

My body is definitely getting old. If it’s not, then I’m getting a lot weaker. There was a time when I’d sleep straight on the ground or with a …

Sep 10th 4
p1060541 Other Stuff

Jul 25th 0
p1060542 Other Stuff

Jul 25th 1
img_0334-600x450 Other Stuff

Jul 25th 0

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