Tom dB's been tweaking his Yeti with new wheels, a single ring setup and new brakes...…

Jul 5th 11
Long Termers

The final verdict. Looking for adventure.…

Jun 30th 12
Long Termers

Apr 18th 4
Long Termers

Mar 3rd 20
Long Termers

It's been hammered a bit now.…

Feb 9th 12
Long Termers

May 27th 11
Long Termers

Tom's treated himself to a new Yeti as a recovery present. He's been in the parts bin and built it up, so here are his first impressions.…

Dec 21st 12
Kona Kilauea Long Termers

So I’ve been putting in some miles on the Kilauea and they’ve tended to be uphill ones.…

Dec 19th 6
Long Termers

Five, very much alive.…

Dec 21st 14
Long Termers

New fork, new feel.…

Dec 9th 13
Long Termers

Trying to sort the lengths.…

Nov 29th 11
Long Termers

Ed's last report on his cross country Tranny build...…

Nov 19th 14
pivot mach 4 side view Long Termers

First impressions from the first ride…

Nov 16th 8
Long Termers

A few rides in, a few more thoughts…

Nov 7th 39
Long Termers

Guess what? Headset issues delay build.…

Nov 2nd 12
Long Termers

Sim puts his money where his mouth is…

Oct 27th 34
Long Termers

What's the scores on the doors?…

Oct 25th 11
pivot mach 4 dw link Long Termers

What are his intentions with this 100mm DW Link full bouncer?…

Nov 2nd 7
Long Termers

Sep 27th 28
Dave's Kona Kilauea Long Termers

So it's done and I've been so busy riding I forgot to write the update. Here it is...…

Sep 13th 7
Long Termers

Doing what it says on the carbon tin…

Jul 26th 8
Long Termers

Mark finally gets his long termer test bike out of the door…

Jul 24th 32
Long Termers

Yes, it is flipping road bike.…

Jun 28th 18
Kona Kilauea coming together Long Termers

Just a quick update as I slowly gather parts for the build.…

Jun 30th 13
Long Termers

2011 and spring and ting ..…

Jun 7th 14
Kona Kilauea frame. Long Termers

I seem to have become a carbon magnet…

May 29th 21
The Cannondale Rush XX in't woods Long Termers

Six months in how's Dave finding the Cannondale Rush XX? …

May 28th 10
Long Termers

Matt's moved "up the hill' and the Blur is back in favour…

May 6th 23
easton ea70 Long Termers

Could it be the magic at last?…

Apr 30th 21
ibis tranny Long Termers

The continuing adventures of 1x9…

Apr 29th 3

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