dr zaks recovery peanut butter sports nutrition protein smoothie drink cracker banana kitchen Food & Drink

Dr Zak's Peanut Spread comes with added whey protein, making it a surprisingly yummy post-ride recovery snack. …

Oct 27th 6
Trail Food Food & Drink

Hannah tests out technical trail foods, for when 'pie' is not an option…

May 10th 5
2015-11-20-14.57.48 Food & Drink

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day. Now with added protein! And a very intimidating box design…

Jan 28th 4
Pizza.  In a bag. Food & Drink

Like babyfood, but for grownups, innit?…

Oct 23rd 2
torq7 Uncategorized

Treats for the trail? Oh yes. Because everyone knows we only go riding to justify a diet of Sprite, Snickers and Greggs. Don’t they?…

Oct 26th 3
SONY DSC Food & Drink

Fizzy lifting drink, too good to be true?…

Sep 5th 0
83 Grinders-23 Other Stuff

A clean water source for adventures? the good DrJon investigates…

Dec 30th 0
Vincero Design Stratus20 waterbottle & Edge16 mount Food & Drink

Jul 1st 0
It's coffee Jim, but not as we know it Food & Drink

Self heating coffee for those cold days on the trails when you need your caffeine hit.…

Jul 1st 0
Accelerade use a 4:1 mix of carbs and protein - but does it work? Food & Drink

Tim K tests a sports drink that promises increased endurance and better muscle recovery…

Jul 13th 6
IMG_3063 Food & Drink

Good Brew…

Sep 25th 2
Apologies for using a studio pic - I've eaten all mine! Recommended

Like the whole "Five A Day" thing, I'm aware that I should eat certain things more frequently than I do.…

Sep 10th 13
dukeofbronte-225x300 Food & Drink

Duke of Bronte, Capstan F.S. Price: TBA From: Old Bear Brewery, Keighley 01535 601222 Tested: Mmm, yes.…

Jul 25th 2

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