Louis Garneau Sotchi gloves Clothing

Patrick tests a set of winter gloves from Canada - are they toasty or just stale bread?…

Mar 14th 0
troy lee designs ace glove Clothing

May 13th 4
Keen Springwater spd shoe (4) Clothing

Jon's view on the brand's first closed toe cycling shoe…

Apr 27th 2
IMG_8908 Clothing

Looks like a cotton checked shirt is actually technical "pretty foul weather" top…

Mar 18th 11
_1090920 Clothing

Apr 4th 8
_SIM7342 Recommended

Matt tests a different kind of softshell jacket that's friendly to user as well as the environment…

Jan 26th 4
Pretty and functional... Women's Specific

Jenny tests a female specific riding jacket and some lightweight gloves…

Jan 10th 2
A long sleeved jersey best suited to cold and clear days... Clothing

As winter draws closer, Jon reviews a long sleeved and warm jersey from Polaris...…

Nov 4th 0
Through the Grinder? Clothing

Gloves made for almost all year round - but are they any good? Jon gives his verdict..…

Sep 6th 2
FiveTen Line Kings Clothing

Bright, sticky and high topped flat pedal riding shoes…

Jul 20th 12
_SIM8089 Clothing

Camo is the new colourway for Icebreaker's Bodyfit200 Oasis.…

Dec 8th 8
17112009379 Recommended

Here's our man Oli with some Gore Windstopper garments…

Nov 25th 3
IMG_3237 Clothing

Glove Love…

Oct 21st 0
IMG_3066 Clothing

New threads…

Sep 25th 8
IMG_2967 Clothing

I bought this jacket back in the depths of winter and had cause to drag it out again a lot recently to protect me from the "Summer" weather!…

Sep 1st 0
Here modelled by the lovey Ed Oxley yellow waist coats to accessorise. Clothing

What to say... It does just what it says really. It's fantastic in a downpour. It acts like an umbrella for your head with the water flying off in all…

Aug 19th 11
kriegar15 Clothing

It’s a 15L version of the Hydro 3 - a much more useful space for most types of riding. One big main compartment with an old-school half-sleeve for a…

Jul 25th 1
specializedefrosterboots Clothing

A decent pair of winter boots is long overdue from the (other) Big S. In all other fields, they rival both Shimano and Sidi in popularity and (for me …

Jul 25th 4
royalracing247 Clothing

I must confess to being an unwilling tester for this garment. I’ve never worn tops like these before. Mainly because I think they usually look ‘go…

Jul 25th 6
howiesvailmerino-424x600 Clothing

Some things are obviously good value for money. Some things need a little more contemplation before their value becomes clear. The Howies Vail T is a …

Jul 25th 6
shimanom300shoes Clothing

These are Shimano’s top of the range, none-higher, all-singing and quite a bit of dancing, race shoes.…

Jul 25th 5
lizardskinsglove Clothing

Jul 25th 0
seal-skinz Clothing

Jul 25th 4
picture-1 Clothing

A dozen UK-esque waterproof jackets tested.…

Jul 25th 3
picture-31 Clothing

We’ve rounded up an even ten boots – from rugged summer numbers to depth of winter monsters and given them a thrashing.…

Jul 25th 3

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