Wildcat Gear Tiger seatpack and Mountain Lion handlebar harness

UK made gear for Bikepackers and off road tourer’s alike

August 7th, 13 0 2,120 Categories: Bits, Luggage, Premier


Connex Special ‘Black’ chain

A chain for riders who like to wash n go?

July 31st, 13 0 2,636 Categories: Bits


Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbag

A bike packing essential for carrying snacks?

June 18th, 13 7 7,817 Categories: Bits, Premier


Hurricane Components Fork Up Adaptor

In our Thule 561 Outride review in Issue 75 we explained how you have to remove the entire locking mechanism in order to fit the supplied thru-axle adaptor. That’s all fine if all you are ever going to carry on your roof is thru-axle bikes. But, if like many bike owners we know you have […]

July 26th, 12 1 9,628 Categories: Bits, Premier, Recommended


Mavic Crossmax SX wheelset

My only previous experience with Crossmax was a set of ceramic, V-brake rim SLRs bought for fifty quid from a mechanic I worked with some years back. They were light, accelerated like crazy, made a strange, hollow rumbling noise off-road and paid absolutely no attention to where I wanted them to go. I quickly sold […]

July 22nd, 12 5 5,133 Categories: Bits

Charge Bikes Sponge Grips (2)

Review: Charge Bikes Sponge Grips

Jon tries a pair of grips that could cure his thin-grip obsession

April 23rd, 12 0 5,305 Categories: Bits


Straitline Stem

There’s something to be perversely admired about a company that kicks convention in the teeth and smiles doing it, and Canadian company Straitline have a lot of shattered enamel on their 5.10s.

May 28th, 09 18 5,146 Categories: Bits


Identiti Alloy QR Seat Clamp

Are you a saddle dropper? If not, why not? The usual reply is “I can’t ride with my saddle down”. This confuses me greatly. What advantage to bike handling can there possibly be in having a saddle wedged up your crotch?

May 25th, 09 14 4,824 Categories: Bits, Recommended


Hope 1.5in Stepdown Headset

Those of us with fat head tubes have traditionally only had two choices when it came to 1.5-into-1 1/8th headsets: cheap and nasty ball-bearing ones that weigh a ton and go rusty after about three rides, or very expensive ones that are okay.

May 23rd, 09 4 5,887 Categories: Bits, Recommended


Deuter Race Back Hydration Pack

Deuter’s 10 litre capacity “short blast” stylee handbag.

March 20th, 09 0 5,480 Categories: Bits


Crankset Group Test

Benji and the team look at a stingy bakers’ dozen of the latest cranks.

February 16th, 09 4 12,647 Categories: Bits


Grouptest: Big and Bald Tyres

Benji and his crack squad of sad rubber sniffing tyre obsessives try to convince you of the myriad splendours of a bunch of funny looking fat tyres with bugger-all knobs on them. What’s all that about eh? They claim there’s a brave new world of tyre technology out there, as much part of our future as garlic bread. We shall see…

February 16th, 09 2 13,886 Categories: Bits

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