Bottle cage Bits

Sometimes it’s nice to ditch the backpack, grab a few tools and a tube in a seatpack and head off out of the door.…

Oct 31st 0
Are your shoulders broad enough? Recommended

Can you handle Azonic's wide carbon bars?…

Jul 8th 0
Mavic Chasm side Clothing

Comfort is... forgetting your shoes.…

Jun 22nd 0
SONY DSC Drivetrain

Trail double with 29er-friendly gearing?…

Jun 13th 0
Simple solution for common problem Seatposts

Tidy seat clamp that tidies dropper cables too…

Mar 10th 6
Snug little bubble Luggage

A new direction for well-regarded pack brand…

Feb 25th 2
MSR stove Camping

Coffee and noodles handled with ease. Don’t forget a lighter though. Or a spark.…

Jul 1st 0
Chain device Bits

A good value proposition, and essentially does what it is designed to.…

Jul 1st 1
Swept away Handlebars

Solid, sweepy bars with just enough damping…

Dec 30th 1
SONY DSC Seatposts

Mounting system ditches rails, adds durability…

Dec 4th 2
G581-1 Bits

Stubby simple solution for Grip Shift users, but not palm friendly.…

Jul 1st 0
G851 Bits

Grip and shift. Change gears with no fuss and a clean minimalist look. …

Jul 1st 0
Grinder84-2 Recommended

Pricey but excellent waterproof armour for your phone.…

Apr 14th 1
Grinder84-5 Other Stuff

Comfy monitor and simple app.…

Dec 30th 4
grinder-24 Other Stuff

Secure and very easy to use (if you can lift your bike over your head)…

Jul 1st 1

Sep 11th 0
A9R5A83 Bits

Photochromic sunnies for all your riding glasses needs?…

Dec 30th 0
A9RFC41 Stems

A stem and bars combo for the PRO look…

Aug 8th 0
A9RFC43 Luggage

UK made gear for Bikepackers and off road tourer's alike…

Jul 1st 0
A9R5A86 Bits

A chain for riders who like to wash n go? …

Jul 1st 0
wdefrgthju Bits

A bike packing essential for carrying snacks?…

Jun 18th 7
photo-3 Recommended

Jul 27th 1
Issue75_Page_114_Image_0002 Bits

Jul 1st 5
Charge Bikes Sponge Grips (2) Bits

Jon tries a pair of grips that could cure his thin-grip obsession…

Apr 23rd 0
straitlinestem Bits

There’s something to be perversely admired about a company that kicks convention in the teeth and smiles doing it, and Canadian company Straitline h…

Jul 25th 18
identitiseatclamp-284x300 Recommended

Are you a saddle dropper? If not, why not? The usual reply is “I can’t ride with my saddle down”. This confuses me greatly. What advantage to bi…

Sep 10th 14
hopestepdownheadset-398x600 Recommended

Those of us with fat head tubes have traditionally only had two choices when it came to 1.5-into-1 1/8th headsets: cheap and nasty ball-bearing ones t…

Sep 10th 4
deuterbagtdb-537x600 Bits

Deuter's 10 litre capacity "short blast" stylee handbag.…

Jul 25th 0
picture-151-232x300 Bits

Benji and the team look at a stingy bakers’ dozen of the latest cranks.…

Jul 25th 4
picture-15 Bits

Benji and his crack squad of sad rubber sniffing tyre obsessives try to convince you of the myriad splendours of a bunch of funny looking fat tyres wi…

Jul 25th 2

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