blurt Long Termers

What's the scores on the doors?…

Oct 25th 11
IMG_1089 Bikes

Jon tries to make the Ghost a little bit radder without ruining its mile munching ability...…

Sep 30th 3
P1030253 Bikes

Ed tranforms the Tranny yet again. This time it's a 30spd superlightweight racer build...…

Sep 13th 24
Dave's Kona Kilauea Long Termers

So it's done and I've been so busy riding I forgot to write the update. Here it is...…

Sep 13th 7
1273227410_201005071250 Bikes

Will C reviews Merida's Ninety-Six Carbon…

Aug 31st 3
Sunn Bikes

Nathan reviews his TransWales bike…

Aug 31st 4
Riding the Chumba VF2 at Bringewood. Bikes

We test five inches of trail bike bounce from American company Chumba Racing…

Aug 6th 29
heliusAC Long Termers

Mark finally gets his long termer test bike out of the door…

Jul 24th 32
It's a looker.. Bikes

Tim K reviews a racy hardtail that's equally happy riding all day…

Feb 8th 11
IMG_0175 Long Termers

Yes, it is flipping road bike.…

Jun 28th 18
Saracen Stop Bikes

A bargain jumpy bike perfect for pump track fun, getting sweet air or nipping around town on.…

Jun 10th 11
IMG_0047 Long Termers

Matt's moved "up the hill' and the Blur is back in favour…

May 6th 23
DSC_2465 Bikes

The first in our new series of sub-£500 not-MTBs for MTBers.…

Jan 28th 7
Full Frontal Bikes

Is it just a Yeti 575 on stilts or a completely diffferent kind of animal?…

Feb 3rd 12
Picture 2 Bikes

A "video walkthrough" for Matt’s Gary Fisher Hifi 29er full-susser ……

Dec 16th 2
Gary Fisher Roscoe 2. Bikes

Some bonus video of Sim’s Gary Fisher Roscoe 2 AKA 'Super Roscoe' from Singletrack Issue 54.…

Dec 16th 3
What Ed did. Recommended

Ed stole Chipps' Ibis Mojo and never gave it back. Here's what he made of it.…

Oct 21st 18
_SIM0197 Recommended

When Benji moved away from The Valley last year (shock horror!) he suddenly found himself in the market for a type of bicycle he'd never needed/wanted…

Sep 10th 1
pacerc405-600x409 Recommended

The RC405 is a floating pivot design; the rear triangle is attached to the front by two pairs of linkages (similar to Santa Cruz, Intense, Iron Horse …

Sep 10th 3
santacruzchameleon-600x398 Bikes

Totting up here at Singletrack we reckon this is the fourth incarnation of the Santa Cruz Chamelon. Unlike its users, the Chameleon hasn’t changed a…

Jul 25th 7
islabikesrothan-357x600 Recommended

When you find that nearly everyone you meet is doing a double-take at your new purchase you know it’s either because you’ve bought something quite…

Sep 10th 17
santacruzeasyrider-600x571 Bikes

This bike ticks all the boxes to qualify for a place in Singletrack’s "Bike Pron" feature: Would it draw a crowd if it were leant up against the foo…

Jul 25th 19
singularswift-600x449 Bikes

Yes, it’s another 29in wheel bike. But for a change, it wasn’t sent from a manufacturer eager to get themselves into this subset of a niche before…

Jul 25th 4
3308359585_7da5ac12fd Bikes

Steve Makin reviews a big lad's bike with shonky brakes, skinny tyres, dodgy bars, a very racy saddle and no gears. Possibly the most fun bike he's r…

Jul 25th 12
picture-131-600x334 Bikes

Jul 27th 0
picture-123 Bikes

Jul 25th 4
picture-14-600x348 Bikes

Jul 25th 0
picture-21 Bikes

Fully rigid steel singlespeeds, eh? Nice looking and everything but a complete nightmare to write a review about. Well, a review that isn’t full of …

Feb 18th 0

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