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When you find that nearly everyone you meet is doing a double-take at your new purchase you know it’s either because you’ve bought something quite stupid, or you’ve chosen one of those products that attracts attention for all the right reasons.

May 27th, 09 17 8,370 Categories: Bikes, Recommended


Freak Bike: Santa Cruz Easy Rider

This bike ticks all the boxes to qualify for a place in Singletrack’s “Bike Pron” feature: Would it draw a crowd if it were leant up against the food tent at Mountain Mayhem? Is it a bike that we’d all like to ride, even if we wouldn’t want to own it? Is there a good story behind it? So that’s a resounding ‘yes’ to all of those.

May 26th, 09 19 11,136 Categories: Bikes


Singular Swift

Yes, it’s another 29in wheel bike. But for a change, it wasn’t sent from a manufacturer eager to get themselves into this subset of a niche before the boat left, but a bike we wanted to look at because it actually looked ‘right’.

May 22nd, 09 4 10,198 Categories: Bikes


Felt Breed

Steve Makin reviews a big lad’s bike with shonky brakes, skinny tyres, dodgy bars, a very racy saddle and no gears. Possibly the most fun bike he’s ridden in years.

March 13th, 09 12 12,187 Categories: Bikes


Orange P7 Belt Drive Prototype

Orange P7 belt drive prototype Price: N/A From: Orange One of Orange’s advantages in the market is that they’re small enough to play with different ideas. With only 15 members of staff and all their suspension bikes made in a little factory in Halifax, the opportunity to play around with things like gearboxes, different […]

February 16th, 09 0 15,134 Categories: Bikes


Foes FXR 2:1

Foes FXR 2:1 Price: £1,849 frame only From: The Bike The 6in travel ‘aggressive trail’ FXR has been part of the Foes line-up for the past few years. This latest incarnation introduces their 2:1 Curnutt shock ratio into the mix (where an inch of shock shaft travel equals two inches of rear wheel travel). […]

February 16th, 09 4 10,896 Categories: Bikes


Scott Spark 10

Scott Spark 10 Price: £3799 or £1949 frame only From: Scott 01670 712129 There’s no doubting that this is a machine made for going a long way fast. The cockpit is long and rangey and it’s equipped with the latest go-faster bits like DT 240 hubs and full SRAM X-O. And then you pick it […]

February 16th, 09 0 6,999 Categories: Bikes


Genesis iO

Fully rigid steel singlespeeds, eh? Nice looking and everything but a complete nightmare to write a review about. Well, a review that isn’t full of quasi-mystical gibberish about ‘purity’ and ‘soul’ blah-blah nonsense.

February 16th, 09 0 8,831 Categories: Bikes

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