Bell Super Helmet

April 10, 2014

You can’t move for helmets in bright colors and with big coverage these days.

by Chipps for 6 Months

Bell Super-1

You can’t move for helmets in bright colors and with big coverage these days.

It’s not just the enduro craze at fault, but a bit of sensible thinking from helmet manufacturers offering helmets that cover the more vulnerable sides and back of the head. Normally, these lower coverage helmets exacerbate my slightly wonky head shape and I don’t find many that fit. The Bell Super, though, has been comfy from day one and a regular companion for long and short rides alike. Designed to incorporate many modern gadgets, the Super offers add-on clips to keep your goggle straps in place when gettin’ your downhill on, and also includes a GoPro (only) helmet mount. This cleverly plugs one of the vent holes and velcros the plug in place with straps that fit inside the helmet. It’s very easy to fit and unobtrusive when on.

 There are the kind of features that everyone comes to expect from a modern helmet too, such as a ‘Speed Dial’ cinch system to keep the lid tightly fitted and cam-lock buckles that adjust easily. There’s a three-bolt visor that’s easy to move around and 25 vents to keep you breezy.I’ve found the Super to be one of the best enduro-style helmets that I’ve used. It fits well, with great coverage, but there’s well-designed venting that keeps the air flowing well, even on hot days in the hills. The extensive temple coverage doesn’t work with all glasses arms, though, so try before you buy. The GoPro mount goes on and off in seconds and allows you to look normal (well, ish…) in the car park and on the climbs with your camera in your backpack, before you slot it into place for the descents.

Overall: A surprisingly well-ventilated helmet with excellent coverage, good looks and a neat GoPro mounting system. Comes in more subtle colors too.

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