Ashima AiRotor

September 9, 2009

Brake rotors with more than just good looks going for them.

ashimaAshima AiRoToR
Price: 140mm, 160mm – £29.99, 180mm – £34.99
From: Zyro
Tested: 7 months

I’ve been running these rotors for quite some time now and I haven’t noticed them. They’ve quietly done their job with no fuss whatsoever. This is exactly what you want from a brake rotor.

So is that it? No, these rotors are special. Look at them, they’re full of holes. Some might wonder if this has caused reduced stopping power, or premature pad wear perhaps? No, none of these negatives are present.

They are made from 410 stainless steel, heat treated to 42HRC, and then double ground (for any metallurgists out there).

The large holes make them exceptionally light. I’ve been running a 203mm/180mm setup which weigh 136 grams and 112 grams respectively (A Hope 180mm rotor is approx. 160 grams). They rarely squeak, and mud is quick to clear. Apparently, due to the increased airflow they don’t heat up as much either, which makes sense. That’s difficult to tell but it could make that miniscule difference if you suffer from brake fade. I did once burn my leg on one of them, it still felt hot.

As well as the silver, they come in gold, black, or red.

Overall: Lighter than the rest, they just do what they’re supposed to do whilst looking cool.

Tom dB

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