Alpkit Gamma Headtorch

November 4, 2013

Small enough to pack as a 'just in case' back up light, is perfect for camping, bike packing, bivvy trips and just about everything else too.

by Dave for 6 Months

There’s not much outdoor kit you can get for under twenty quid these days but the Alpkit Gamma will open up endless adventure opportunities and give you a fiver change as well.


Running (for what seems like forever) on three AAA batteries the Gamma offers several lighting options; the main beam from the XPC Cree LED  has two varied light levels plus a flashing option. Whilst at the adventurous end of helmet light usage it copes fine for emergencies and low speed riding although the squarish central spot and dimmer halo takes some getting used to. For camping and general mooching this isn’t such an issue.

Three smaller LED’s  are selectable, via the main button, which give further options of low level white, green, red an flashing red for close up work where battery time is more important. The rear battery pack also features a red/flashing red light strip which is a useful feature where being seen is important.


It’s small enough to pack in your Camelbak as a ‘just in case’ back up light, is perfect for bike packing, bivvy trips and just about everything else too. You’ll probably find yourself buying more than one. Bargain.


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