Airace Speed F2 pump

February 11, 2011

Work experience Ben's take on a cunningly featured pump

We’ve got our work experience boy Ben to do a quickfire test on a cunning mini pump. Here’s what he made of it…

The Airace Speed F2

Price: £24.99
From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure
Tested: 25 flat tyres (all the punctures in the office)

This handy, innovative little pump from Airace has a cleverly designed extractable hose and foot stirrup so you can quickly transform it into a foot pump wherever you take it, making it easier and quicker to pump up and carry on. This idea was good enough to win it the 2011 IF Design Award.

..and in action as a floor pump.

The barrel, nozzle cap and lock lever are all made from aluminium to keep it strong and looking sleek and when in foot-pump mode, it’s surprisingly stable. The F2 is high volume which allows more air to be fed into the tyre in one pump, which means you will have to pump it fewer times to inflate the tyre. It’s ideal for those who run a beefy downhill-type tyre as it will inflate it in no time yet is small enough to throw in you bag for a quick session.

How to get ahead...

At 166g it’s not massively heavy when you consider the power and features it boasts. It’s also kind to your tube valves as the hose prevents putting any unwanted stress on them and the hose has been reinforced to give it some resistance against rocks and other such things it may scrape, hit or come into contact with when you’re pumping on the floor.

Overall: A sleek well designed pump good for larger tyres with some nifty design features, including its hand-pump to foot-pump transformation, it will put up with most of the stuff you can throw at it, the F2 doesn’t take up much space and is an essential for any ride.

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