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Price Free Terms & Conditions

The Price freeze for two years promotion is restricted to annual auto-renew subscriptions only.
The price of our monthly subscriptions will rise from £2 to £2.99 for all subscribers from the 1st December 2012.
The term ‘old rate’ refers to our current (as of 25th November 2012) subscription rate of £35 for Print & Digital subscriptions and £20 for Digital subscriptions. Subscribers on historical rates of less than this ‘old rate’ will be migrated from their historical rate to the ‘old rate’ for their next renewal.

Plain English explanation.

There are a small number of subscribers who are currently paying less than £20 for a digital sub and less than £35 for a print and digital sub. These subscribers will be moved up to the ‘old rate’ in readiness for their next renewal. BUT, no existing subscribers, whatever their rate will be paying the new £39.99 (‘New Rate’) for a Print & Digital sub or £24.99 for a Digital sub for at least one future renewal.
Or another way of thinking about it is..
No current subscribers will pay more than £35 for their Print&Digital subscription or £20 for their Digital subscription for at least 1 more renewal.


If you subscribe at 4:59pm on Friday the 30th November 2012 you will be charged £35 for a Print & Digital subscription. When your subscription is due for renewal on the 30th November 2013 you will only be charged the old rate of £35. On the second anniversary of your subscription on the 30th November 2014 your subscription will revert to the current normal rate at that time.


If you are a current subscriber on an historical rate of £25 for a Print & Digital sub with a renewal date of 30th November then on Friday 30th November 2012 your sub will renew at the ‘old rate’ of £35. On the 30th November 2013 your sub will renew at the ‘old rate’ of £35 but on the 30th November 2014 your sub will renew at the current normal rate at that time.

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