pivot twentyfour12, 24 hour, endurance racing News

Long-time organiser Martyn Salt hands over the event to equally experienced hands…

Jan 17th 0

A trip to outdoor maestros, Lyon Equipment, gives Sanny the perfect excuse to go on a microadventure in the heart of the Lakes.…

Jan 17th 0


stans notubes podium srd wheels carbon eurobike Video

We get our dirty hands over the only carbon fibre Podium SRD wheelset in the UK…

Jan 17th 0
chaintamer chain drivetrain News

This little device is designed to tension your chain and eliminate chain slap. Or will it just make it noisier?…

Jan 17th 2

London bike shop issues surprise closure announcement…

Jan 17th 1
pace rc127+ hardtail steel reynolds 853 plus 2.6in review

Yorkshire born and tested, we put the Pace RC127+ through its paces. Sorry.…

Jan 17th 6
halo vortex wheelset News

Halo goes wide (but not too wide) for its new enduro-ready Vortex wheelset…

Jan 17th 0
specialized command wu dropper post enduro Seatposts

The Command WU dropper post has 150mm of 'effective' travel, but just how effective is the tilting saddle on the trail? Check out Ben's review here…

Jan 16th 1
sram xx1 eagle dub sl crankset News

One standard for all? SRAM is replacing BB30 and GXP cranks with its new DUB axle standard…

Jan 17th 16
Production Privée Shan No5 JPS Factory Complete Bike News

2018 seems to be the year of “going direct” and adding to the list is Production Privée. …

Jan 16th 1
Maxxis - Eurobike 2017 News

Our second price-drop story of the day? Is this a sign of things to come?…

Jan 16th 13
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Dan Milner Interview

Interview: Dan Milner – Photographer, Premier Version

We chat to Dan Milner, great photographer, and (possibly) funny videographer…

Dec 11th 1
Man of Porage James Robertson

Premier Version: Behind The Lens – James Robertson

What the what? Is this a race, or a circus?…

Dec 7th 1
park city utah deer valley pivot mach 429 trail

Park City: The Mountain Biking Golden Child Of Utah

Park City in Utah is home to over 400 miles of singletrack. Wil gave it his best crack to ride as much of it as possible…

Jun 27th 3
the white room tuesday treats

Tuesday Treats 163: Premier Prize

Singletrack Subscribers have the chance to win a stylish jersey from the White Room!…

May 16th 0
throwback thursday Transmaurienne

Throwback Thursday: Mountains and/of Cheese.

Whether fast or slow, there’s something special about the way the French organise mountain bike races. Beate tackles the Transmaurienne.…

Apr 27th 0

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orange stage 5 lake district wil issue 113

Review: Orange Stage 5 RS

Is the Orange Stage 5 a better bike than the venerable Five? Wil certainly thinks so, after reviewing the smurf-a-tron as part of our 29er group test…

Sep 14th 0
hope f20 flat pedals purple issue 113

Best Engineered Winner: Hope F20 Flat Pedal Review

Made right here in the UK, are the Hope F20 flat pedals some of the best going? David tests and reviews some purple F20s to find out…

Sep 14th 2
kenda honey badger dh pro tyre tubeless

Review: Kenda Honey Badger DH Pro 27.5×2.4in Tyre

Does one's Honey Badger simply not care? James investigates with this burly reinforced enduro tyre from Kenda. …

Sep 14th 0

Review: Calibre Bossnut V2

For those who are fed up of unattainable £7k wonder-sleds, the Calibre Bossnut is a decent full susser at an unbelievably low price point.…

Sep 14th 5
continental der kaiser projekt tubeless tyre issue 114

Review: Continental Der Kaiser Projekt Protection Apex 27.5×2.4in Tyre

James tests the chunky Continental Der Kaiser Projekt tyres as part of our Hi-Tech Rubber group test. …

Sep 13th 0

Declaring an Interest

Chipps' Editorial column from issue 114 sets out Singletrack's honest approach to advertising and sponsorship. Is it enough and will any other magazin…

Aug 14th 3
Tito Tomasi - Crossing The Alps

Tito Tomasi: Crossing The Alps Solo

After years of planning and preparation, Tito Tomasi set out to ride across the alps solo with a tent on his back.…

Jul 27th 7

We Don’t Need Bikes For Women

Amanda Batty argues that the bike industry doesn't need bikes for women, it needs bikes for people…

Jul 21st 12
Misty clouds sun breaking through

Crying Shame

Hannah admits that when riding mountain bikes, everything is not always awesome…

Jul 11th 28
Highland Trail 550

Race Report: Highland Trail 550

Chris Hope rode the Highland Trail 550, shooting for a new course record. It's not for the faint of heart, or leg…

Jun 13th 1

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