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    cider fuelled spectators

    that’s probably Rob & Hils 🙂

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    I’ve got pictures of my mum, also dad and grandfather doing various back road excursions in I assume the 40s and 50s. If I could master hosting pics I’d put them up as would be good to see.

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    I use my remaining 26″ MTB less and less (not so much it’s single speed, more that it’s only front disk, rear is still rim). Upgraded a couple/three years ago to a rigid 27.5+ bike and have to say it’s made me feel much more comfortable – on steep (for me) stuff, and for longer rides.

    I now also have a 29r HT, and did 10 Under the Ben on it last…[Read more]

  • @footflaps – there may be an option to get them to ‘have a word’ on the prompt of the report. I reported an unsafe close pass (could have held oy arm and touched the car). On phoning 101, they asked me to go to local station to give details, I had the option of ‘flag for when they see him’ (which might have given them a shock right enough) or to…[Read more]

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    lol @trail_rat. Last car managed 18 years and a bit more I think. Bodywork was in pretty good nick.

    The previous Golf, though, was in getting sorted by the guy I sold it to — mechanic asked him if it had been driven into the sea, the engine bay was just a block of rust. Not quite, but had survived many years in Aberdeen and the N~E.

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    If you’re rural-is, might be worth looking at NFU Mutual.

    Can’t recall the rates, but it wasn’t bad at all.

  • take care Graham! but do stick at it I’d say.
    Calcium deficient? Would check the lot really, iron and all the rest.
    Make sure you’re breathing properly (deeply).

    Good luck. The hardest bit is picking up the exercise again — I know you used to do quite a fair amount. One of our regular gang has stopped and he’s now of a size (he was never svelte)…[Read more]

  • crikey! glad you got an answer even if not a full resolution monksie!

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    My last car I reckoned worked out around 40p / mile (very very loosely). That was Saab 900S, bought s/h, and run into the ground over the next 12/3 years until it was sold for scrap. Not sure but I reckon a standard make/model, and sell before costs get too high, would help. But does seem likely to be ballpark figure.

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    Seconded. you could spend a week there and barely scratch the surface. I/we’ve been going for a long weekend for several/many years and still every year there’s a new route to appreciate.

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    @scotroutes would be your man (I’m sure there are threads about bike/tyre choice already).

    There are a couple of tricky bits (for a road bike) from memory, and that’s just the Fort William / Augustus section). Beyond that its the Loch Ness (either north of south side) and they are definitely not road friendly.

  • Swift, newer ones should be with tapered headset, would tick all the boxes — depends on setup of course as to how fast is fast. I’ve run mine with 29r sis forks but just swapped back to rigid, plenty enough for me.

  • Oh yes recognise all that.

    Can you ditch stuff that you feel you ‘ought’ to do but don’t want to or can’t actually manage?

    Even look at stuff like 5/3/1 task allocation – sounds perverse to suggest stuff that forces you to get on with things but maybe it’s the fear of making the start.

    Even starting to make a list of what you’ll need for a…[Read more]

  • Bicycle Works would have been my default recommendation too.
    Good news!

  • Northwind. sorry to hear that. Folk will ask if you’re OK in the next fortnight even month; its the months after you need to watch out for.

    My dad died in hospital, kind of a long slow decline. My died at ‘home’ – or in her sheltered housing home. Both peacefully more or less which is a relief of sorts.

    Hope you can get out for a spin today.…[Read more]

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    Our UPS was always a cheery soul; good lad. See also ParcelForce man (and Hermes for that matter, when it was my old (retired) bank manager earling a few extra pennies!)

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    I’m not sure I’d leap into that. Can you walk / bus?
    I used to walk to work quite a lot, that was when it was 2/3 miles away. I think I’d flip of boredom at 5. Is it canalside or roadside?

    Having said that mrs kcal has a walking regime that’s 6 miles/day (leisure) minium and more at weekends.

  • Mrs. Brown +1
    Ricky Gervaise

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    bizarrely, read this thread and never got around to reading the article at the time.
    Bit of a binge last night got me mostly caught up.

    Like GP as a character and my daughter thinks he’s great.

    Tried to keep open mind on the article but didn’t seem to come across well really — I wasn’t sure about the maps reference, so that train of thought was…[Read more]

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    “Reached out”? I hope you never get the money back.

    bit harsh scotroutes, he’s said he’s just moved to the UK…

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