Issue 92

Like an unstoppable force of nature the new issue of the magazine is here – and it’s a rip-roaring roller coaster ride through everything that’s great about bikes and riding them in the nip-in-the-air, leaf-crunching, mid-ride-blackberry-snacks autumn.

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We visit Chile on the coattails of the EWS for an early dose of golden foliage, and the Basque Country for a spot of ‘how hot is too hot?’ Utah-in-Europe.

Andy McCandlish and Beate Kubitz both put themselves in A&E in search of a story, albeit not together, in different countries and at different ends of the magazine; Chipps gets the lowdown on the rebirth of the original trail centre, Coed y Brenin, and Rab Wardell reports from the Commonwealth Games.

Our Singletrack Hero is commentator and team manager extraordinaire Dan Jarvis, the grouptest takes on 14 trail pumps and our ‘Fun for £850!’ bike test gets the miles in on three bikes, from GT, Ragley and Specialized that still leave you with enough change from a grand to buy yourself a nice pair of socks.

Plus there’s the usual offering of delicious photography, columnular mirth and the finest test products ground to a finely-tilthed pulp. How can you resist!

92_Classic Ride_Glen Tilt_Opener

92_Spanish Utah Opener

92_Commonwealth Games_Opener

92_Trans Maurienne Opener

92_Autumn Leaving Opener

92_Wales Opener
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Comments (13)

  1. Eh? Where me printed version.

  2. Hi Darrenspink, the binding machine at the printers broke over the weekend, which has set us back a few days. The office copies arrived yesterday, so yours should arrive today, or tomorrow at the latest. Sorry about that.

  3. Still haven’t got the printed version … a sad me is still waiting!

  4. Well if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this is that there are plenty of people who look forward to the mag arriving, which is very flattering. We’re just waiting on Royal Mail to make their way to all your houses now. Hopefully you’ll all have it in time for the weekend. 😉

  5. Yes Grace but will it arrive in Sussex in time for the week end? It’s a long way from you.

  6. All our magazines are distributed from Lincolnshire, a bit closer than our office. 😉

    They may be late, but you’re still getting them quicker than newsagents. All subscribers get the digital editions and full website access thrown in as part of the deal, so if you’re desperate to have a look, you can download it now.

    Let us know when you find another mountain biking magazine which is prepared for when the printer’s binding machine breaks. 😉

  7. Grace, sorry but that’s not true, The mag has been in the Londis in Betws y Coed since at least yesterday so we haven’t got them before the newsagents as you claim.

  8. I’ve got my digital copy so I’m happy. I’m sure the paper copy will be worth waiting for too 🙂

  9. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on my printed copy. 10 days and counting – I wish I could be happy with digital but the feel, look and smell are worth the extra for me. There, I said it!

  10. I recentley decided to cancel my subscription as I felt the magazine was getting a bit dull. This issue was by the far best in a long, long time.

  11. Robguide, apologies, I stand corrected.

    Withersea, excellent news. Glad you’re happy with the issue.

    I’ve not had a complaint since Friday, so I’m assuming that you’ve all got your subscriber issues now? Hope that you’re enjoying it. Please let me know if yours is still outstanding, and I’ll have a word with the Distribution folks.

  12. Hi there – I haven’t received mine yet either.

  13. Hi Andysel, my colleague Sarah should be in touch with you shortly to sort out your missing mag.

    Anybody who is still waiting on their magazine, we normally advise that it can take 7-10 working days for an issue to be delivered, but normally it is much sooner than that. If you are still missing your issue, please email and we’ll get a replacement issue sent to you asap.

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