Issue 90

The month of June is a great time to be a bike journo at Singletrack. As well as the first round of 2015 product launches, we’ve got events in all disciplines cramming the calendar, the weather is mostly ace and to top it all off, our 90th issue goes on sale on 26th June too!

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Here’s what’s in issue 90’s lovely printed pages (and all its digital ones too)…

Cover_90Haruki ‘Harookz’ Noguchi grabbed the cover shot in Squamish, B.C, with Curtis Robinson, Matty Miles and Kyle Norbraten kicking up dust on their way to a cold IPA at ride’s end. Lush.

Issue 90_Classic RideSteve and Barney hit up a Lakeland classic for a day of riding in the sunshine, with beer and pies. Out of office? Absolutely.

Croatia_TransvelebitWhat happens when two mountain bike journalists get hitched and want a ‘different’ honeymoon? They ride across a Croatian mountain range, of course…

Tweedlovin'If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past fortnight then you may have missed just how awesome the Tweedlove festival was. Never fear, though – Sam Needham and Dave captured the best bits for your pleasure.

Movie MiseryMore Sam Needham content, in conjunction with Pete Scullion, Withnail and Renton. This time the brothers get grim.

UBAYE Summit HuntersEven pro riders need holidays! Dan Atherton and Hans Rey hit up the big mountains (deckchairs optional).

Slater FellSalter Fell’s a fell we know well but we’ve never seen it like this before (or indeed tried to say that rapidly on #drinkbeeratyourdeskfriday). Beate and her sketchbook take on a long ride home.

Issue 90_Grouptest knee pads

This issue’s bike test looks at trail bikes from Ibis, Pivot and Rocky Mountain, so we thought it only fitting – and sensible – to grouptest as many knee pads as we could get our hands on, too*. Elsewhere there’s a tasty array of Grinder products ground to bits and seasoned with the traditional selection of chewy columns, delicious photography and pithy commentary on the state of the mountain bike nation. Ahem.

*No Singletrack staffers were harmed in the writing of this feature.

Finally, Premier readers get the digital treasure chest of Singletrack booty, comprising of wallpapers for your screens and a PDF and .gpx files of the Walna Scar Road Classic Ride Route. Enjoy!

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  1. Is there a problem with the Android Singletrack App that you are aware of? I’m unable find the latest magazine.


  2. Hi Blue77, the official on sale date for the magazine is Thursday 26th June (today). The Tablet Edition shall be on sale today. Anything you receive before Thursday 26th is early. The Tablet Edition takes much more work than the other editions which is why it’s not out yet. I’m working as fast as I can to get it published!

  3. Many thanks for the quick reply, my apologies, I didn’t realise it took a little longer to publish. Didn’t mean to rush you.

    Thanks again

  4. Don’t worry Gareth, you’re not the only one to ask. We’re trying to get a bit speedier with the next issue. Everything’s going fine so the mag will hit your tablet this afternoon. Hope you enjoy reading it. 🙂

  5. Hi there, I cannot seem to open any mags via PDF or page flip on my tablet even though I have flash player installed. Any advice ?

  6. Hi Pottsey12321,

    It sounds like it’s a compatibility issue, have you the latest update to your tablet software, and the latest version of Flash Player? If your tablet is an iPad, don’t use the PageFlip edition, as iOS doesn’t support Flash.

    What tablet do you have?

    We’ll try to get this sorted for you.


  7. Please tell me how to get the GPX file of this ride onto my Garmin Edge 810?

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