Issue 71

The new year’s first issue of Singletrack Magazine is here and we’ve been working hard during the long dark nights and short, less dark days to create something that’ll inspire you to get out on your bike over the cold months ahead.

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In this issue: Enduro racer extraordinaire Jérôme Clémentz and friends head to the untamed trails of Iceland to find ribbons of beauty amongst the basalt, we test a trio of privateer race bikes, our expert panel answers your fitness woes plus all the usual columns, great pictures and in depth reviews – including the new Ibis Mojo HD.

Singletrack Magazine issue 71


Singletrack Magazine issue 71


Singletrack Magazine issue 71


9. Editorial
It’s all doom and gloom in the publishing world. Or is it? Chipps has some news for you.

10. UK Feature: The Whisky Riders
Chipps assembles the Whisky Riders once more and heads off to explore a less popular corner of Scotland.

22. Column: Blame The Dog
Mike Ferrentino looks in the mirror and decides to ride bikes more. You might want to read this one…

24. International Travel: Iceland


Singletrack Magazine Issue 71 Iceland mountain biking
Alright geyser!

Jérôme Clémentz and friends head to Iceland in search of geysers, trails and unpronounceable mountains.

35. Singletrack Premier Subscriptions
Got a subscription? Got an iPad (or an iPhone, Kindle, Android, etc…)? Get them linked up by upgrading to Premier. No idea what we’re talking about? Then get a £2 sub.

38. UK Adventure: A Bad Excuse For A Good Day Out
Jenn breaks everyone else’s resolutions for them and makes up a bad excuse for a great ride.

48. Grouptest: Cleaners and Degreasers
Six degreasers and four detergents put through their paces by Dr. Fisk and his Marigolds.

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56. Classic Rides: Brecon Beacons
Jenn and Jon discover there’s a view out there somewhere. There has to be. It’s Wales, after all.

65. Propaganda
It’s only January and already our race calendars are half full. Get your Singletrack jerseys here!

66. Column: GBRS
Louise Kidney has a Global Brain Replacement System in her pocket, and that’s where it’s staying.

68. Fitness
Matt Hart, Ali Mills and Dr. Jon get stuck into your training plans, sore knees and dicky elbows. Real advice for real riding.

72. Through the Grinder
Eleven pages of products that have survived the winter in the hands of our bicycle demolition team: including the Cane Creek Angleset, Ibis Mojo HD, a trio of flat pedal shoes from Teva, Sombrio and Five Ten plus loads more..

86. Bike test: Privateer Racers

Singletrack Magazine Issue 71 cross country xc race bike test review
A trio of race-track tamers tested

Fancy a spot of speed this summer? Olly Townsend takes three full-sus race bikes from Felt, Scott and Specialized to the tapes.

Felt Edict Pro

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Specialized Epic Comp 29

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Scott Spark RC

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98. Route Guide: Marlborough Downs
Benji heads south and rides all over that green bit you can see from the M4.

Marlborough route one GPX.
Marlborough route two GPX.

110. Outro
Another faded slide from Chipps’ archive translated and explained.

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Comments (6)

  1. Have I just read right in the ‘editorial’ section? “This is the last copy we’ll be doing in this format”? Surely not? I only subscribe to the digital version! Come on chaps. Say it isn’t so. Or am I having a blonde moment?

  2. I think they mean the paper version is changing.

  3. Definitely a blonde moment 🙂

    The mag is changing in many ways, principally because we are tired of having to compromise the physical, design and the content to pander to an outdated and dying distribution system ie the Newstrade.

    The future of Singletrack lies with its subscribers and so the mag itself is going to change from a product designed for a newsagent’s shelf to one designed for subscribers.

    This means better paper (Newstrade copies are printed on thin paper because a) around 50% of all copies sent there are wasted and end up in a skip and b) you can fit more thin mags on a shelf)

    It means better cover designs (newstrade covers are plastered with cover lines to advertise to the casual browser and so are wasted on subscribers and spoil to design)

    The savings we make in drastically reducing our waste mean we can put more resources (money) into the content, paper and design – it also means we can increase the development of more digital extras that ALL our subscribers can access.

    So, it’s subscribers all the way from issue 72 onwards 🙂

    You will still be able to buy the mag in shops, but shop buyers won;t get all the extras that we can deliver through our Premier subscription system – also the mag will be much more expensive to buy in the shops, where as subscribers will continue to get the much better price deals 🙂

  4. Just had a quick flick through, and I have to say the Iceland photos are some of the best I’ve seen in the mag – absolutely stunning!

  5. As peachos said, will there be an ePub version?

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