Issue 67

In this issue: Benji reckons we’ve never had it so good – and declares war on rose tinted specs, Chipps crosses Cross Fell, Dave kicks off the year of the bivvy with a how-to guide and we test a trio of British designed hardtails for summer shredding. We also compare a racey 26″ bike against its bigger wheeled brother, travel to Morocco and, closer to home, show you round the forests of the Midlands. All that plus loads more columns, features, reviews and amazing photography to inspire you this summer…

Here’s a quick peek at the clean subscriber/bike shop cover…

The clean subscriber cover – pic by Dan ‘Fake Canadian’ Barham
The shop cover…

…and because style is nothing without substance, this is what is waiting for you inside…

Contents shot by Sterl ‘Real Canadian’ Lorence

9. Editorial

Chipps reckons it used to be that the mark of a mountain biker was a razor-sharp tan line. Now the signs are subtler.

10. Right Here, Right Now.

Benji reckons things have only got better…

Stuff all this retro nonsense! Benji knows that we’ve never had it so good as right now.

22. Classic Mountains: Cross Fell

Cross Fell – watch out for orcs..

Chipps lets the locals take him the long way round this epic, northern ride. Not that there’s a short way round…

30. Blame the Dog: Mike Ferrentino

Last issue Mike ranted about the move to slacker bikes. This issue… he takes it all back.

32. Interview: Martyn Salt

Benji stalks the man behind a decade of UK bike races – and the Olympic mountain bike race.

40. Bike Test: Bikes for a ‘British Summer’

We see just how happy a Piglet is in muck

Charge, Genesis and Ragley supply UK-designed, weather-friendly hardtails. Chipps dons his winter boots and takes them for a ride.

54. First Big Weekend Of The Summer

Jenn Hopkins takes some mates to Aviemore for hills, Haribo and more of that classic British Summer.

64. Competition: Win EVOC packs worth £500!

Win one of four of these tough, Euro-stylish backpacks.

68. Through the Grinder

Ten pages of real-world product testing for your viewing pleasure.

86. Column: Al Leigh

The view from A&E.

88. Travel Feature: Morocco

Andy Nelson got tired of the usual yearly trip to Morzine, so he thought “How about Morocco?” and made it happen, with stunning results.

100. Bivvy 101

Now, who do we eat?

Dave’s announcing 2011 as The Year of the Bivvy.
Here he gets down his thoughts on what you should and shouldn’t do to get the most from your first trip.

108. Head to Head: 29in vs 26in full susser.

Which is the better race bike? Benji pits a Cannondale 26in Scalpel vs a Cannondale 29in Flash hardtail.

112. Buyers’ Guide: Wheels

24 wheelsets to suit large, small, light and hefty bikes.

122. Propaganda. Buy cool Singletrack stuff!

Mark demonstrates 101 ways to wear a Singletrack buff.

124. Fitness Questions Answered.

Matt Hart’s regular fitness feature. This issue, 12- and 24-hour race fuelling.

128. Route Guide: Forests of the Midlands.

There’s much more to the Midlands than Cannock Chase. Lots of trees, for a start.

138. Singletrack Premier Club.

Use your Singletrack Premier Card to get discounts at all of these shops and holiday companies.

142. Outro.

What happens when you hurt yourself out in the woods, miles from help? You call in the motorbike chainsaw gang…

Premier Extras!

Charge Cleaver

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Ragley Piglet

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Genesis Core 50

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