Issue 66

This issue is packed with good things; musings on the joy of spring, an interview with Sam from Singular Cycles by Geoff Waugh, a trio of burly bikes tested in time for the start of the Alpine season. As usual it’s packed with quality photography too, with the Absa Cape Epic shot by Gary ‘Flipper’ Perkin and the bike test shoot was shot by Dan Barham…

singletrack magazine issue 66
The Subscriber Cover – shot by Dan Milner

Without further ado, here’s the contents…

9. Editorial

Chipps explains that good riders are so good because they KNOW they’re good.

10. UK Feature: Spring is the new summer

singletrack magazine issue 66
Matt in the Crags – shot by Benji H

Benji sings praises for spring, while sending the other seasons to the naughty corner.

20. Mach Daddy

A look at how you can get your entire town behind the idea of mountain biking.

28. Headspace with Claire McGreevy

What’s stopping you from riding that drop? Claire is here to show your subconscious the way to nail it.

32. Interview: Singular Sam

Geoff Waugh catches up with the charismatic Aussie who’s helping the UK love 29ers.

35. Subscribe to Singletrack

You get it cheaper, earlier and get digital benefits too.

42. Blame the Dog – Mike Ferrentino

A controversial look at wide bars, short stems and slack angles.

44. Column: Geoff Johnson

Don’t faff with the hydration pack and riding gear. Just grab your bike and ride.

46. Bike Test Feature: Winch and Plummet

singletrack magazine issue 66 (4)
Issue 66 Winch’n’plummet bikes – shot by Dan Barham

Giant, Rocky Mountain and Trek all show bikes that make the descent worth the climb.

62. UK Feature: In search of Millican Dalton’s Spirit

singletrack magazine issue 66 (2)
Wild camping in Cumbria

Dave Anderson searches for the spirit and Lakeland home of the original free camper.

76. Singletrack Weekender and Sleepless in the Saddle

Two events that you shouldn’t miss this summer.

78. Through the Grinder

Ten pages of real world product testing on mostly dry trails.

94. Column: Matt Letch

Read this column. But not when you should be riding bikes.

96. Competition – win the UK in guidebooks!

Win every UK mountain bike guide book from the Ernest Press.

98. Gallery – Gary Perkin’s Cape Epic.

singletrack magazine issue 66 (3)
The Absa Cape Epic shot by Gary Perkin

The long, dusty, South African stage race as seen by local photographer, Gary Perkin.

110. Propaganda: Buy Singletrack Stuff!

Mugs, top, shirts, socks. We’ve got you covered.

112. Grouptest: GPS Units

Whether for training or exploring, the latest GPS units are small, last for ages and let you navigate.

120. Fitness with Matt Hart

Find out how successful Matt and Chipps’ training for the 12 hour solo championships went.

126. Route Guide: Princes Risborough

Benji heads down to the leafy green trails of Buckinghamshire.

Premier Users can download the GPS Route Guide files…

Bucks route one GPX.
Bucks route two GPX.

142. Outro

Another odd photo from Chipps’ archives.

Premier Media


Giant Reign X0

[premiervideo src=”extras/Issue66/GiantReignXO1.mp4"]

Rocky Mountain Slayer 70

[p[premiervideo src=”extras/Issue66/RockyMountainSlayer701.mp4"]p>

Trek Scratch Air

[pre[premiervideo src=”extras/Issue66/TrekScratchAir91.mp4"]

Route Guide GPS Files

Hard Route (Tracklogs TRL file)

Medium Route (Tracklogs TRL file)

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