Issue 65

Dust in Utah - shot by Dan Barham
Dust in Utah – shot by Dan Barham

9. Editorial

Chipps reckons that everyone has been secretly training. You mean you haven’t?

10. Newfoundland eh?

Dre Hestler took a trip to this lesser-known corner of Canada and found gold.

20. Pass Storming.

What’s the difference between a Lakeland day out and pass storming? Beards, mostly.

30. Blame the Dog.

Mike Ferrentino asks you to appreciate the work that goes on every perfect image.

32. Interview: Tony Lund

Tony is behind the Lee Quarry trail centre – and in opening up a whole corner of Lancashire to riding.

41. Bike Test Feature: Boardman, Cube and Diamondback.

Three bikes from £999-£1400 by tested everywhere from trail centres to lonely moor tops.

52. Competition

Win a Fuji Tahoe 29er worth £1000!

54. Hut to Hut in Colorado.

Toby Taylor tells the story of a three day supported trip across Colorado, staying in fully stocked mountain huts.

62. Column: Geoff Johnson

Grab your bike and get out there now. Stuff the consequences!

64. Column: Industry Insider

Want to get sponsored to ride your bike? Then follow these essential things NOT to do.

68. Through the Grinder.

Products dragged through the winter months and reviewed for you.

82. Access All Areas

The latest instalment of Dave Anderson’s series on outdoor access. This time he looks at erosion.

86. Unpublished Hans Rey

A gallery of rare, unseen Hans Rey photos from his 25 year career.

96. Grouptest: Baggy Shorts

Just in time for summer. Essential baggy shorts for every occasion.

108. Fitness

Matt Hart brings your fitness levels to a crescendo of efficiency in time for the summer events.

118. Route Guide: Clocaenog, North Wales

North Wales isn’t all about trail centres, reckons Benji.

Clocaenog route one GPX.
Clocaenog route two GPX.
Clocaenog route three GPX.

126. Outro – Wonder Woman

The story behind this bizarre photo from the ’97 Malverns.

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Boardman FS Team

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Cube AMS 100

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Diamondback Sortie 1

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  1. Is there something different with the PDF this month, it won’t open after syncing to my iPad.

  2. requires a password for some reason

  3. Was about to ask the same thing- won’t open in Safari on the ipad and requires a password in iBooks. Just downloaded it on my Mac and it won’t open in Preview…. Anybody been able to view it? I want to read the Boardman review!

  4. I can’t open it either. Doesn’t ask for password though.

  5. CS4 is saying “The file has security settings which prevent it from being opened. Please remove all security settings before opening the document.”.

  6. The pageflip version is online: Got the link from the STW twitter feed.

  7. Won’t download connection times out

  8. Connection timing out here as well

  9. Yes, I am she! Apparently the piece implies I’m perfectly respectable these days, I’d say boring! Working in the City, 1 daughter (God I hope she’s better behaved then me when she’s 20!) It takes me back to my wilder days – the year before I helped Rob Warner celebrate his first National Champs title after I met him at the Malverns the week before – good times.

    Oh and despite the years that have passed I still remembered the answer to the anti-spam question about the name of a bit of a bike 🙂

    Sorry boys I’ll leave you to your techie issues now.

  10. Glad to have you back Wonderwoman! Those were fun times back then, eh?

  11. Crazy times! what was I thinking prancing around in hotpants in a field full of thousands of blokes…..?!!!!! I’m still friends with the guys I was there with. They’re all settled down and sensible too. Still into their mountain bikes though – they pointed me in the direction of your pic.

    I occasionally impress my cycle-to-work colleagues with my knowledge of bottom brackets and v-brakes (does everyone have discs these days? God I’m getting old!) but the rockhopper’s been in pieces for some years now.

    Oh for one more night of that hedonistic nonsense though!

  12. @ wonder women, I’ve got quite a few pics of you. We were hanging out at the lake (pond) at the classic. Nigel Page was hanging around u like a bad smell lol… U were getting shed loads of attention at the new 4×4 course at the top of the field, me and Page were messing around on a spanking clean Pace with HED carbon rims… Dirt Mag (I think it was them) published a piccy of u and Page on some doubles .. I’ve uploaded a pic of this myself, I can’t find my original so I’ve scanned an old picture of my bedroom wall with it in lol !! … amazing days, I couldn’t beleive it when I saw that picture of u in the back of singletrack mag this month
    ^^ best scan I could do

  13. Also having problems with this issue’s PDF on the iPad using GoodReader. Causes GoodReader to not render pages (blank pages) and then when exiting it spends ages “emptying page cache”. All other issues have been fine.

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