Issue 62


9. Editorial

What does touch-typing have to do with subtle brake use on a bike? Chipps knows…

10. Trans Provence

Matt rides an event designed to show you some of the best trails in Provence, while breaking you and fixing you at the same time.

20. Geoff Waugh gallery

A true legend in the UK bike industry. Photographer Geoff Waugh has a new exhibition out and we have some of his shots here.

28. Industry Insider

A new column revealing some of the behind-the-scenes bits of the bike industry

30. Blame the Dog

Mike Ferrentino gives thanks for the little things. Like thumbs.

33. Bike Test: Sub 20 pounders

Three bikes weighing in at the magic 20lbs from Burls, Niner and Scott.

42. Singletrack interview: Saracen’s Simon Wild

A look at a real phoenix of the UK bike industry.

52. UK Trails: The Pennine Bridleway

One day it’ll stretch 340 miles from Derbyshire to Scotland. For now, Chipps rides a new 25 mile section in some awful weather.

60. Christmas with Singletrack

Stuck for ideas? Relatives stuck for ideas? Either read this or leave the magazine ‘accidentally’ open at this page. Problem solved.

62. Subscribe to Singletrack.

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64. Through the Grinder

Real world product testing in the grit and the grime around Singletrack HQ

76. Competition – Win Magura Brakes!

We have a pair of Magura Marta FR brakes to give away in this issue’s competition.

78. World Travel: Club Alpino Siciliano

Jon and Sim ride and eat their way round this sweet Mediterranean island.

88. Editors’ Choice

Our favourite products of 2010. Good enough to be given the Editors’ Choice seal of approval!

96. Grouptest – Helmet lights

Whether you run one as a backup, or as your main light, most riders use a helmet light and we’ve reviewed ten of the best.

104. Chicken and Egg

Does where you ride determine the bike you ride? Or vice versa? Benji Haworth investigates.

110. Fitness Questions with Matt Hart: Recovery.

We’ve covered a lot about training, but how about recovery?

114. Route Guide – The ‘other’ West Yorkshire.

There’s more to W.Yorks than Calderdale, here’s a look at the best of the rest.

126. Singletrack Premier

Exclusive content, sneak previews, videos and special deals. Here’s why you need to go Premier.

127. Outro

Words can not describe things. So pictures will have to do.

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Route Guide


Trans Provence

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