Issue 60

Bike Test – British Steel

Three bikes get the Singletrack treatment this issue and here are the video clips to view here or download in m4v format.

Charge Duster

[premiervideo src=”extras/Issue60/ChargeDuster-sm.m4v” widescreen=”true”]

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Cotic Soul

[premiervideo src=”extras/Issue60/CoticSoul-sm.m4v” widescreen=”true”]

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Whyte 19

[premiervideo src=”extras/Issue60/Whyte19Steel-sm.m4v” widescreen=”true”]

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Route Guide

This issue’s route guide features three great routes around Ludlow.

Download the maps here in PDF format for you to take with you.

Ludlow Play Area

Ludlow Easy Route

Ludlow Medium Route

Trackloggers can download our route files here…

Tracklogs Play Area

Tracklogs Easy Route

Tracklogs Medium Route

Four Wheels Better Than None

Benji rides with a club for disabled riders and gets whooped and impressed at the same time.

[premiervideo src=”extras/Issue60/RoughRiderzVid360.m4v”]

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9. Editorial.
Once you become a mountain biker, there’s no going back.

10. Peru.
Strahan and Dan taste the sublime, high-altitude trails of Peru.

20. Highland Odyssey.
Start in Inverness and head south west for a few days. Of course it’ll work out fine!

26. XC in BC.
Is there any ‘normal’ riding in British Columbia? Susan and Tom reckon there’s a load.

33. Bike Test: British Steel.
Three British-designed steel hardtails from Charge, Cotic and Whyte.

42. Interview: British Cycling.
They represent our sport to the world. But what do they actually do? Benji tries to find out.

48. Blame the Dog: Slacker.
Mike Ferrentino on the eternal head-tube angle debate.

50. Finale in Finale.
Benji’s stag-do involved driving to Italy and riding the crap out of everyone in the sunshine.

58. Through the Grinder.
Nine pages of real-world products tested. In the real world.

68. Four Wheels Better Than None.
Benji rides with a club for disabled riders. And gets whooped and impressed at the same time.

74. Cycle Show 2010.
Only a month until the biggest indoor bike show in the UK!

76. Column: My Prozac.
What do you do when you’ve lost it all? You get out on your (carefully kept-hold-of) bike and ride your life back again.

78. Competition – Win 20 Genuine Innovations Pumps!
20 chances to win one of these super-neat new inflators.

80. Grouptest: Big hydration packs.
Whether for big days out, carrying lots of sandwiches or an overnight trip. We’ve go the bag for you.

86. Singletrack Premier.
Extra videos, behind the scenes pictures, discounts and more when you sign up to Singletrack Premier.

88. My last ride.
Not your last ride ever, but where did you last ride? It seems that everyone is riding as if each one is their last anyway.

92. Riding with Dogs.
Love dogs? Got a trail dog? Want to train one? Scared of them? Here’s our guide to everything to do with dogs and bikes.

100. Column: What’s it worth?
Geoff Johnson tries to put a value on today’s ride and concludes it’s worth a little more than tomorrow’s ride.

102. Everyday Centurion.
A photo essay (and essay) of the 100 rides of an everyday mountain bike rider.

110. Fitness Questions Answered.
Matt Hart doesn’t hold back in beating you back into fitness. Hold on tight!

116. Route Guide: Ludlow, Shropshire.
Don’t just go to Church Stretton and the Long Mynd. Try this!

127. Outro.
We don’t know how we get so many zany pictures. We just do.