Issue 48

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine March 2009

In this Issue:
You Can’t Go Home Again
21st Century Pass Storming
Kent Route Guide
Armchair Warriors
Cover Picture:The North Shore, eghh? By Colin Meagher
Contents Picture: Someone’s once pride and joy. By Sim Mainey.
Spineline: Round like a barrel and digs in the dirt


Chipps looks back to look forward again

You Can’t Go Home Again

Sim revisits the Lakeland woods he learned to ride in.


A look back at the neon days of the early days of mountain biking.

21st Century Pass Storming

Benji takes inspiration from the pass-storming Rough Stuffers of the pre-war years.

Blame The Dog

Mike Ferrentino’s column looks at his thinner, fitter, keener, younger self.

Bike Test: New Leaf Bikes

Three new design suspension bikes from Cannondale, Scott and Turner.

  • Cannondale Moto Carbon 3
  • Scott Genius 20
  • Turner 5 Spot

One Ton Weekends

How much mountain bike fun can you have for £100? A whole lot reckons Steve M. and three pals off to the Peaks.

Long Term Test Bikes

Some surprising new additions to the staff bike sheds.

  • Gary Fisher HiFi 29ER
  • Trek Fuel EX 9.8 OCLV
  • Yeti 575
  • Intense Slope Style

Interview – Todd Seplavy

The new boss of Evil Bikes put under the grill.

Through the Grinder

More products real-world tested through the dark and cold months.

  • Kona Ute
  • Shimano XY M776 20mm Front Hub
  • Giro Filter Glasses
  • Gore Alp-X Lady Jacket
  • Yess ETR-V Vertical Chain Tensioner
  • The Girls Guide to Action Sports by Jessica Eveleigh
  • MR16 Eclipse HID Light
  • Cyclepro Tyre Levers
  • Light and Motion SECA 700 LED lights
  • Ortlieb Medium First Aid Kit
  • Magnetic Tool Rack
  • Blackburn Flea Lights
  • Lifesystems Mountain Thermal Bag

Fitness – Lose the Fat!

Matt Hart is shockingly honest with his plan to get you to lose some flab.

Column: Going Back To Our Roots.

Benji finds that Gisburn Forest has been moving with the times.

Column: Faye Stewart

Faye wonders why people look oddly at her scratched and bruised mountain biking legs.

What’s In Your Handbag?

Five complete kit lists for every conceivable riding trip nearby.

Doing The Business.

Duncan Moore tells you how to make it big, or not, in the bike business.

Armchair Warriors

Matt criticises the ‘now’ generation while writing his blog and posting on Facebook.

Competition – Win A Race Season!

We’ve got you free entry to ALL the top events of the year.


Relax for a moment and sink into some inspirational riding shots from Richard Starkie, Sim Mainey, Mikkael Gueltekin and James Lyon

Column: Philip Diprose

Once, he was a gawky looking youth riding in bad clothes. At least he’s older now.

Old vs New

Dan Barham compares the dream bike of his teens to his new full susser.

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Head to Head – Commencal Meta vs Orange ST-4

  • Commencal Super 4.1
  • Orange ST4 Pro

Will these similar-looking bikes share a common bond, or is it all out war?

Route Guide: Kent

James Lyons rides some of the lesser-ridden corners of the South East.


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