Issue 39

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine January 2008

In this Issue:
Scot Nicol Interview
Long Termers Revisited
Masham and Nidderdale Route Guides
Sauze D’Oulx
The Abha Trophy

Cover photo: Sicily. By Simon Cittati.
Contents Picture: Some where in Scotland. By Rob Sutherland.
Spineline: I can think like a bat now, I know where they’ll be.


Chipps sings the praises of wearing stuff out, rather than breaking it.

Trail Swap, Part 2

Faye Stewart travels from Bristol to Yorkshire in the second part of our trail-swap feature. How will she fare in the north?

Riding the GR5

James Astbury and his dad rode the 450mile GR5 trail from Geneva to Nice this summer. Not bad for someone who’s not done his GCSEs yet…

Bike Porn: Klein ‘Cross Bike

Caroline Alexander’s mid-‘90s Klein cyclocross bike. Klein never even made ‘cross bikes, so this is quite special. Or a bit of a bodge. You decide.

Interview: Scot Nicol

He’s the owner of Ibis, learned to framebuild from Joe Breeze and Charlie Cunningham, yet you’ve probably never heard of him.

Long Termers

A year ago, we showed you the bikes we’d be riding in 2007. Here we show you how we got on with them.

  • Turner Flux
  • Ibis Mojo
  • Focus Black Hills
  • Trek Fuel EX07
  • Kona Jake the Snake
  • Cotic RoadRat

Through The Grinder

Nine pages of products gently sanded down by Yorkshire gritstone.

  • Quad QHD-3 Deuce Disc Brakes
  • Geax Pit Stop Magnum
  • Shimano XT M775 Dual Control Disc Brake Levers
  • Petzl MYO XP
  • Pendle Wheel Support Bike Rack
  • Specialized Equinox Gloves
  • Specialized Defroster Boots
  • The E.F.I. Club
  • Santa Cruz Chameleon
  • Pace RC405
  • Specialized S-Works 2D Helmet
  • Kriega R15
  • Duke of Bronte, Capstan F.S.

Column: Roly Lambert

Roly flies off jumps and through the air in his imagination, but when face with real mounds of earth, it’s a slightly different story.

Editors’ Choice

What products have really excited us in the past 12 months? These are the bikes, products and places that get our vote.

Column: Philly D.

Some ride to the trails, some drive, but Philip Diprose is one of the third group. The Railway Children, who get the train to the trails.

Singletrack Reader Awards.

The only bike industry awards with 100% of the votes by the public. You nominated your products, bikes, events and people of the year. Now vote for your favourites.

Julian Birch

Julian takes a detour from on of his regular routes and ends up in a new wonderland.


Six pages of great shots to keep you going until the days start getting longer from Chipps and James Lyon.


We have £1200 worth of Mavic wheels to give away! Two pairs, one to suit the XC racers and one to suit the all mountain stompers.

Column: Alex Leigh

Home isn’t always where the heart is. It can be where the favourite riding is. In Alex’s case, this can only ever mean the Peak District.


The Singletrack product elves have been busy getting in lots of goodies that you’re going to want to get someone to treat you to.

Members’ Club

There are many reasons to subscribe to Singletrack. You not only get our eternal gratitude, but you also get lots of cool discounts.

Sauze D’Oulx

‘Sauzay Doolx’ has a network of XC and mountain trails to rival anywhere, yet not many riders have heard of it. Get there before everyone else discovers it.

Blame the Dog

Mike Ferrentino’s regular column looks at the wonders of the forum user group mentality. What would a bike designed by a mountain bike forum look like?

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Singletrack Fitness – Survive Christmas!

Matt Hart from Torq is here to help you limit the damage you’re inevitably going to do to yourself over this Christmas period.

Route Guide: Masham and Nidderdale

Ben explores the bit between the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors that has all the good riding and gets little of the exposure.

Column: Steven Menmuir

Ever been stuck in a physical or mental rut? With mountain biking it’s possible to do both. Steven tries to get himself out of one.

The Abha Trophy, Six Days in the Desert

Chipps takes on the unknown quantity of a six day stage race in Saudi Arabia. And he does so without the aid of a suitcase.

Riding British Columbia

Dan Barham document our 2007 reader holiday to Whistler, Pemberton and other choice bits of British Columbia. Jealous? Us?


Some crazy pictures and some thoughts on those bits of bikes you’ve lost over the years.