Issue 34

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine April 2007

In this Issue:
Russ Pinder Interview
Bolt-Thru Forks and Reactive Eyewear Group Tests
Brechfa Forest Route Guides
Riding Brian Head Peak, Utah

Cover photo: Cy Turner. By Kelvin Owers
Contents Picture: Mr Walton overcoming his demons in style. By Olly Townsend.
Spineline: Do you know Ed? He’s married to Sue.


Chipps expands upon his ‘night time’ interests and reveals that although guitars and bikes can be mixed, only one really lets you appreciate the changing seasons.

Life of Brian

A week of singletrack fun in Utah’s highest resort is captured by Julian Hickson.

Solo Logic

Ed Oxley plods a lonely solo path in the Strathpuffer, the world’s darkest, wettest 24 hour race held in Scotland every January.

Blame the Dog

Mike Ferrentino’s regular letter from America. This time he talks about simplicity and complication of both bikes and riders.


You might not know Russ Pinder, but you’ve probably heard of the RUSS Appeal for Air Ambulances. Well he knows about them from close, personal appearances and may even owe his life to them.

Bike Test

Four bikes from the German companies of Cube, Endorfin, Fusion and Nicolai with different takes on how it’s done.

  • Cube Stereo Black
  • Endorfin Speed-R
  • Fusion Crest Lite
  • Nicolai Argon FR


Our real world, take it through the mud, product section. Everything from shorts to whole bikes.

  • Hope Moto Disc Brakes
  • Pace RC005 Carbon Composite Shield
  • Royce Racing Hubs
  • Howies Outback Jacket
  • Hope Hoops Wheelset
  • Rapha Fixed Shorts
  • Pearl Izumi Instinct Jacket
  • Honey Stinger Gel
  • Altura Dryline Waterproof Shorts
  • Soma Woodie Multi Tools
  • Skins Mobile Protection
  • Carver 96er
  • Merlin XLM


A selection of 20mm bolt-through air forks with six inches of travel. 20mm forks aren’t just for downhill these days…

  • Marzocchi AM SL
  • Manitou Nixon Super Intrinsic
  • Pace RC41 Fighter 20mm
  • Maverick DUC32
  • Magura Wotan
  • Rockshox Lyrik 2 Step Air
  • Fox 36 Float RC2


John Horscroft gives us a view from upside down in a hedge.


Another of our columnists, Julian Birch, seeing the ugly side of tree-lined singletrack. At this rate we’ll run out of them by next issue.


Restored to its former glory of six pages. Full of images to inspire you now the weather’s supposedly getting better from Richard Starkle and Jon Murray.

Competiton: Win Chris King Stuff!

We’ve teamed up with Chris King and Evolution Imports to give a lucky reader a set of bike porn worthy hubs, a headset and spacers.

Bike Porn

A revered Italian brand, a dousing of Italian components and carbon nearly everywhere you look – it’s a Colnago Ibex.

The Hand Made Bike Show

Pictures of amazing artistry from the North American Handmade Bike Show. If you’ve never fancied a custom made bike, now might be the time to start.


Dave Anderson bids farewell to a friend and riding buddy.

Fish Out of Water

We sent our best riders to go and embarrass themselves at Sheffield’s indoor Four Cross dirt track. They succeeded.


We round up a collection of sunglasses that either change depending on the light, or have interchangeable lenses.

  • Julbo Addict
  • Oakley Transitions Half Jacket
  • Rudy Project ImpactX Rydon Photochromatic Red
  • Specialized Singletrack
  • Tifosi Forza FC
  • Uvex Vain Vario
  • Bloc Shifter XR
  • M:Vision Wishbones
  • Polaris Kir Royale
  • Smith Reactor Max
  • Tifosi Q3
  • Sundog Marathon

The Tool Shed

Two specialist tools. One installs headsets, the other uncorks bottles of wine. It’s up to you to decide which you’d use most…

Route Guide: Brechfa Forest

The corner of South West Wales has some great natural riding, and one of the latest Forestry forests to gain some custom built singletrack.


Philly D. waits. And waits. And then Spring arrives and he has to rush to not miss it.

Coast to Coast the Malt-Loaf way.

Colin Down and Mark Donnan live the mental, emotional and geographical highs and lows crossing Northern England from East to West.

Fitness: Transformers Part Three

Well, could Dave Smith transform the team from fat journos to fitness freaks over the Winter? Find out here (contains unapologetic partial nudity…)

Titanium Charge vs Steel

Two bikes, both painted the same. One’s titanium and one’s steel. Could you tell the difference? Could we?


This one’s dedicated to Martin from Magura, his amazing collection of retro jerseys and his merciless ribbing of the English.