Issue 22

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine August 2005

In this Issue:
Travis Brown Interview
Baggy Shorts Group Test
Cairngorms Route Guides
Fruita Fat Tire Festival

Cover photo: Verbier, Switzerland. By Rob Hamilton-Smith.
Contents photo: Morzine, France. By Craig Woodhouse.
Spineline: Horses are the Devil’s bicycle.

Issue 22: Editorial

An Alpine epic is what it really takes for Chipps to discover that he is average. Shock ensues.

From Ae to Zzzzz

Four days of riding round the newest trails in the Scottish Borders. Chipps samples some of what the Seven Stanes have to offer and proves he is a media whore by then getting his picture on the frontpage of their website.

Urban Overtime

Old guys learning to jump. How to do it without getting laughed at – words and pictures from Huw Cooke.

The Interview

Travis Brown a man with impressive sideburns, brands and tattoos and an even more impressive palmarés. The Singletrack team quiz the cross country racer and singlespeed legend.

Bike Porn

The 20 th Anniversary Rocky Mountain Blizzard. Classic Canadian steel, geometry and paintwork.

Glad to be Jey

An ode to just going out riding on your bike. Jon Hall writes and offers apologies to Tom Robinson.

Bike Test

Singletrack takes a pick of some of the best bikes for Alpine riding and tests them in the appropriate location and nearer to home.

  • Orange Patriot 66
  • Turner Six Pack
  • Ventana X-5
  • Whyte 46
  • Specialized Enduro Expert

Product Tests

The latest bits of biking and biking related stuff put through the grinder.

  • Formula ORO Disc Brake
  • LabGear 2.4 Long Sleeve Moto Jersey
  • Five Ten Shoes
  • Chocolate Meantime Beer
  • Shimano M580 LX Dual Control Levers
  • Continental Flow ProTection 2.3
  • Syncros Four Bolt Locking Grips
  • Mountain Bike Guide: North Midlands
  • Gore Tool Jacket
  • Rocky Mounts Maverick Adaptor
  • Howies First Light Technical Tee
  • M-Part Brake Boss Plug
  • Santa Cruz Blur XC


Reader photos from Nick Burton, Jim de Bank, Duncan Wiggins, Peter MacDonald and Dan Barham.

Group Test

Baggy shorts are the quintessential mountain biking apparel. Singletrack’s finest get involved in testing some of this summers offerings for men and women.

  • Altura Summit
  • Endura Humvee
  • Foska Baggy Short
  • Fox High Frequency
  • Gill Airflo
  • Gore Freeride Short
  • Hoss Ponderosa
  • LabGear 4.3 Assault Baggies
  • Nema Crown Jewels
  • Oakley Ballistic 2.4 Shorts
  • Race Face Cortina
  • Sugoi Gusto
  • Altura Syncro (Womens)
  • Fox Liberty (Womens)
  • Gill Venus (Womens)
  • Hypnotic Design Lefty Lucy (Womens)
  • Oakley Team Up (Womens)
  • Sugoi Gusta (Womens)
  • Terry Skort (Womens)

The Twilight Zone

There’s an elusive trail in the south that won’t let Mika Schick map it, or even ride it most of the time.

The Committee

Would you put your life in the hands of “The Committee?” An anonymous insight into the underworld of Mountain Bike cliques.

Riding the Airwaves

Smell is the most enigmatic of the senses. Riding a bike lets you sniff out more of the outdoors than you might think. Ben Reedy shuns Vicks Vapour Rub and fine tunes his nasal sensors on the seasons.

The Samuri

Time is an unstoppable force, even for mountain bikers. If only…

Access all Areas

Scottish Access Laws have changed again – mainly in favour of the mountain biker. The changes are explained by a Scottish Council Access Officer, Sue Williams,


Piers is a beaten man, but revenge is already forming as a concept in his mind. More photos of sheep – are you getting worried yet?

Route Guide

Three routes in the Cairngorms. One minute you’re drinking lattés in Aviemore and the next minute you’re in the mountains. Three great highland routes.

  • Mini Route: 1.4km (0.9 miles), 0.25 hours
  • Mini Route: 6.2km (3.9 miles), 0.5 hours
  • Mini Route: 6.4km (4 miles), 1-2 hours
  • Short Route: 20.8km (12.9 miles), 1-1.5 hours
  • Long Route: 50.9km (31.6 miles), 2-3 hours


Win a Specialized Enduro Expert

Fish Out of Water

Night at the Speedway. The Singletrack crew tries the sport of cycle speedway. After all of hard can it be? Er, very…


What happens when a group of British riders invades the Fruita Fat Tire Festival? They have a great time and write it up with some stunning photos to share it with every one. Phillip Diprose shares the story.


Magazine and website tie ins. What you can find and read more about on-line via…


Marketing is a battle of perception, not product, and so the mind takes preference over the marketplace. All truth is relative – people believe what they want to believe. What people perceive to be true that is the truth. The task of marketers is to establish or change consumer perceptions, because if they don’t they will not win the battle.

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