Issue 21

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine June 2005

In this Issue:
Alan Weatherill (Hope Technology) Interview
Tents Group Test
Exmoor Route Guides
Chamonix to Zermatt

Cover photo: Steve Manfield, Finale Ligurie, Italy. By Rob Hamilton-Smith.
Contents photo: Richard Cox lead John Cowan on Moonlight track, Queenstown New Zealand. By John Gibson.
Spineline: Do you like my blue nipples?

Issue 21: Editorial A

Chipps has handed over the reins to a guest editor for this issue…

Editorial B

All good singles have an A and B side, and this issue Singletrack has American Mike Ferrentino from Bike Magazine at the helm.

Cultural Comparison Between Two Worlds

Stunned by Britain and merry with the effects of Timothy Taylor’s finest brewing, Mike Ferrentino compares and contrasts with home.

Chamonix to Zermatt

It’s true you can now alpine ski, walk and now mountain bike between two of the most famous alpine resorts in Europe. Mary Kirkbride is one of a small group to tackle the route which passes through some the most spectacular scenery that the Alps have to offer. Jamie Carr captures the moments on film.


Hope Technology has been making bike bits since before it was cool to have anodised bits on your bike. Chipps speaks to Alan Weatherill about keeping the business guided by its core business aims and market.

Bike Porn

Limited edition, weight limit, gold anodised and very light: The Turner Nitrous.

The ‘C’ Word

Cancer ravishes the body and the soul and cancer treatment just seems to serve up a second helping of the same. A mountain biker’s perspective.

Bike Test

Three very different bikes aimed at different markets. How do they compare?

  • Merida Mission Elite
  • Titus Racer X
  • Voodoo Dambala

Product Tests

What kit the Singletrack testers have been putting through the grinder over the last few months.

  • Rocky Mounts Lariat Roofmount
  • Avid Juicy 5
  • Montane Featherlite Jacket
  • Apple iPod Shuffle
  • Source Whistler 3L Hydration Bag
  • Giant Trance 3
  • Hope Stem
  • SDG I-Fly C Saddle
  • Cyclaire Pump
  • Race Face Diabolous Grips
  • Race Face Diabolous Stem
  • Race Face Diabolous Bars
  • Race Face Diabolous Seatpost
  • Salsa Pro Moto Carbon Flat Bar
  • OP Anderson Aquavit


A fine selection of photos from Leo Ranta in Verbier, Chipps and Chris Garrison at Sea Otter and reader contributios from Ian Nutt, Jools Dymond, Michael Johnstone and Andy Carter.

Group Test

Tents. Essential kit if you are an expeditionist, weekender or endurance racer or just fearful of the mighty ‘bivvi’. Ben Haworth gets to grips with tent poles and geometrical shapes.

  • Force Ten Vertex
  • Terra Nova Laser Large 1
  • The North Face Mountain Marathon
  • The North Face Trailhead 6 Bx
  • Vango Spirit 200
  • Vaude Sly Fox Camp
  • Wild Country Venturi 4

Riding Local

In the wake of vehicular failure, Chipps re-evaluates the value of local trails, some of which aren’t quite as local as tired legs would wish.

The Samuri

Not so long ago The Samuri was using roadies for training target practice. Now he’s joined their ranks, well sort off. This is more about rediscovering the what road biking can do for the mountain biker in everyone.

Head to Head

The infrequent feature returns to discuss weather or not mountain bikes really need more suspension travel. Chris Hughes and Andy Cotgreave take sides and discuss the finer points with plenty of examples.


Is buying a new car really all that difficult? In comparison to a trip to the friendly local bike shop, a trip to the car supermarket is a dangerous affair. Everyone is out to get you.

Route Guide

Three routes in the southwest situated over the hills and valleys of Exmoor.

  • Short Route: 19.6km (12.2 miles), 1-1.5 hours.
  • Medium Route: 24.4km (15 miles), 1.5-2 hours
  • Long Route: 27.9km (17.5 miles), 2-3 hours


Win Chipps’ favourite pub bike.

Fish Out of Water

Take a man who made the Switzerland Squeeker famous and armour Mark ‘Yes Way!’ Alker up in preparation. Singletrack gets ready for extreme trials action as the legend Jez Avery teaches him how to master the art of the getting it up and more. Rad!


Buy Singletrack stuff. It’s ace. Now including those bike related rarities you struggle to find elsewhere.

Not in My Backyard

The pros and cons of NIMBYism isn’t explored here. Instead Mr Dave Anderson is going on tour with his trusty Kona. The Peak District, Brighton, The North Downs and The Black Hills of Essex.


Magazine and website tie ins. What you can find and read more about on-line via…


Marketing is a battle of perception, not product, and so the mind takes preference over the marketplace. All truth is relative – people believe what they want to believe. What people perceive to be true that is the truth. The task of marketers is to establish or change consumer perceptions, because if they don’t they will not win the battle.


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Photos of the Singletrack Towers team falling asleep can make even those who feel wide-awake tired.