Issue 20

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine April 2005

In this Issue:
Sterling Lorence Interview
Seatposts Group Test
Dark peak District Route Guides
Double Dare

Cover photo: By Seb Rogers.
Contents photo: Manuel Bustelo bags another cinder cone in the Andes. By Luciano Badino.
Spineline: It keeps going straight into Malmsteen.

Issue 20: Editorial

Night riding without lights. Like riding bare back? Chipps discusses

Double Dare

General all round daredevil Manuel Bustelo takes on two Argentinean mountains volcanoes with his bike. This is the account from 6,887m.

Road Trips

An essential part of mountain biking is getting to the trails. Every now and then some people decide to link up lots of trips to different trails and the road trip is born. Huw Cooke discusses the iconic nature of road trippin’.

Nature Boy

Snow, road closure and an inquisitive nature generate the prerequisite requirements for winter life.


Sterling Lorence is a Canadian photographer who has built his reputation on the quality of his work. From North Shore to freeride, Sterling’s work has been instrumental in publicising the progression of mountain biking as a sport. Ben Haworth speaks to the man under the 50lb camera bag.

Bike Porn

From Steamboat Spring, Colorado, the Moots YBB soft tail is a classic mountain bike design that has been largely unchanged fro over ten years.

The Meaning of Life

Mika Schick reckons that the meaning of life may be simpler than most people think.

Bike Test

Europe. Land of both the roadie and the alpine uplift. Is this an ideal combination or a match made in hell? By the way, if you still think ‘Euro’ equals ‘flouro’ then how come all these bikes are black? For Sure.

  • B1 Hornet Plus
  • Commencal Meta 5.20
  • Cube AMS FR Pro

Product Test

What kit the Singletrack testers have been putting through the grinder over the last few months.

  • Exposure Lights
  • Berghaus Bladdered Hydration Pack
  • Rock Shox Reba Race ‘U-Turn’
  • Lowepro TLZ-1
  • Lemond Fitness Lewedges
  • Gill Freedom Jacket
  • BETD Replacement Enduro Linkage
  • Foska Bones Jacket
  • Ultraseal Tyre Sealant
  • Berghaus Denizen Jacket


Photos from Oliver Townsend, Simon Barnes, Stuart Boreham and James Dymond from the UK and further afield.

Group Test: Seatposts

It’s just the tube that holds you saddle up at the end of the day, but if that’s true then how come there are so many seatposts out there on the market?

  • Tune Starkes Stuck
  • On One Twelfty
  • Easton EC90
  • Easton EA70
  • Thomson Elite
  • Race Face Atlas
  • Moots Titanium
  • Salsa Shaft
  • FSA K-Force Lite
  • Roox S4.2
  • Syncros Factory CF
  • SDG I-Beam
  • Smica Pro Post
  • FSA FR 270
  • Gravity Dropper
  • White Brothers AP-1
  • Cane Creek Thudbuster LT
  • USE XCR Shokpost
  • USE SX Shokpost

Fighting the Fat

Ivy Berkshire often fights a lonely, dark fight for no one’s good but her own – and nothing, not even herself, is going to stop her.

Riding with Tomac

As part of the Manitou 2006 launch Ben Haworth gets to meet and ride with the legendary John Tomac.

The Samuri

Getting old is slowing down Jon Wyatt’s body, but his mind is still going

Go granny go!

The grannies put on their finest frocks and ride 140 miles coast to coast across England. One of the grannies says ‘Mega’ a lot and they even manage to consume three pints of antifreeze.

Route Guide

Three routes in the heart of the Dark Peak District, including the infamous three gates epic.

  • Short Route: 23.5km (14.6miles), 1.5-2 hours.
  • Medium Route: 38.3km (23.8 miles), 3-4 hours
  • Long Route: 89.3km (55.5 miles), 8-10 hours


Win A Surly Karate Monkey

Fish Out of Water

Chipps goes welding Oranges in Halifax.

Syrup Country

Mark Alker goes to the Canadian Mountains and samples riding in the resort towns of Canmore, Jasper, Golden and Fernie. There’s a lot of variety to Canadian riding… Roundup

A brief look at the highlights from the magazines daily website over the last few months.

Singletrack Propaganda

Subscriptions, jerseys, t-shirts, hats, mugs and the new calendar.


Photos and captions and general round up from the Singletrack editorial team.

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