Issue 16

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine August 2004

In this Issue:
Mark Webber Interview
Workstand Group Test
Malverns Route Guides
Lakeland Odyssey Part I

Cover photo: Steve Makin rides The Sting Trail, Calderdale. By Chipps Chippendale
Contents photo: Chris Garrison, Steve Makin and Ben Haworth, Calderdale.
Spineline: It’s okay, I’ve foun some Elizabethan ruffs…

Issue 16: Editorial

Chipps explores the recent phenomenon of naming British trails. Poetic and intriguing or just lame wannabe Canadianisms?

Lakeland Odyssey

Part I. A journal of a recent multi-day epic ride through all that the Lakes has to offer. Which turns out to be quite a lot.


Four whole pages dedicated to the best biking shots to have been sent to Singletrack Towers in the last couple of months. Shots from Huw Cooke and Graham Weaver.

Interview: Mark Webber

A top driver on the Forumla One circuit, the friendly Australian reveals his other favourite mode of recreation – riding a bike.

Bike Porn

Something a bit different this time. A blast from the past. A retro classic. A Fat Chance Yo Eddy no less.

Column One

Piers ponders whether this is the end for a certain intrepid and mildly deranged hero.

Bike Test

Dream machines from the some of the most sought after names. Full suspension plushness from Independent Fabrication, Cove and Ellsworth.

  • Independent Fabrication Tungsten Electrode
  • Cove Hustler
  • Ellsworth Truth

Do Chicks Dig Scars?

Galway Phil believes this to be true, but it depends on the chick. And it depends on the scar as well.

Product Tests

Six pages of real world products that have been put through the grinder.

  • Photon Backup lights
  • Endura Humvee ¾ Baggies
  • Maverick DUC Fork
  • Weber Monoporter
  • Helly Hansen Lifa Versa T
  • Tracklogs 25K Mapping Software
  • Topeak Bike Pole
  • Lifesystems Expedition Natural Insect Repellent
  • Troy Lee XC Gloves

Column Two

Jon Wyatt aka the Samuri considers the whys and wherefores of sitting on your arse watching the television.

Muddy Mountain Mayhem

For those who weren’t there a chance to see what all the fuss was about. For those that were, an opportunity to relive the horrors.

White Van Men

Ian Storer celebrates the infamous and widely criticised Transit van. He can’t imagine life without one.

Singletrack Obsession

Dave Anderson ‘shares wit the group’ his particular brand of obsessive compulsive disorder. It’s got to be just so.

The International Cycle Show 2004

Who’s going to be there and why you should be thinking of coming along too.


Workstands are essential kit for the home mechanic. Singletrack test ten and find out the best to support your bike so you can fiddle with your gears and curse your lack of mechanical aptitude.

  • Minoura RS-5000 Pro Workstand
  • Minoura W-3000 Consumer Workstand
  • Park PCS-4 Home Mechanic Repair Stand
  • Park PCS-9 Home Mechanic Repair Stand
  • Pedro’s Workstand
  • Tacx Cycle Spider Team
  • Topeak Prepstand Pro
  • Topeak Prepstand EX
  • Ultimate BRS-50 Consumer Repair Stand
  • Ultimate BRS-80 Pro Repair Stand

Fish Out of Water

Pedal car racing. Do fully grown adults really still hurl themselves around I go-karts? As Mark Alker found out, tyre changes are the order of the day.

Route Guide

The Malverns. Rob Hamilton-Smith rides through an oft-neglected part of the UK.

  • Epic: 24.1km (15 miles), 3-4 hours
  • Medium: 16.1km (10 miles), 2 hours
  • Easy: 8.0km (5 miles), 1 hours

Armchair Story

Steve Makin goes a week without shaving and a goes riding everyday. The results of an experiment. Roundup

A brief look at the highlights from the magazine’s daily website over the last few months.

Singletrackworld Goodies

Singletrack propoganda yours for a suitable fee.


Some of the shots and stories you just have to see for yourself.