Issue 13

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine February 2004

In this Issue:
John Tomac Interview
Digital Mapping Group Test
Afan Argoed Route Guides
Morzine Magic

Cover photo: Avoriaz, near Morzine. By Andy McCandlish.
Contents photo: Macclesfield Forest. By Bruce Wilkinson.
Spineline: Watch out, or you’ll be singing with the fishes…

Issue 13: Editorial

The issue between 12 th and 14 th. Chipps is terrified.

Morzine Magic

Riding in the High Alps, with scenery to impress, endless trails, singletrack and post ride relaxation French style. Andy McCandlish reports.


A collection of photographs from Macclesfield Forest by Bruce Wilkinson and Morzine from Andy McCandlish.

Industry Insider

A rider who reached the top of the sport at its most popularist era, a man whose choice of componentry, choice of clothing and style, inspired a generation and now the name behind a growing range of bikes. Chipps fires the questions in the John Tomac Interview

Bike Porn

Known throughout the trade for the quality of their finish, one Canadian manufacturer has always been regarded with a certain amount of awe. The company behind the website provide a Rocky Mountain Element 70 for scrutiny.

Column One

Piers discusses battling the post Christmas implications of too much consumption and finding that zone.

Bike Test

Three hardtails designed for 4″ travel forks, but made from steel, titanium and aluminium.

  • Airborne Titanium Mosquito
  • Mongoose Deuce
  • DMR Switchback

Product Test

A look at some kit that has been under test and reports on how it’s been holding up. In this issue’s review:

  • Thule Velo Rise Pro bike rack
  • Karrimor Kerb Jacket
  • USE Ring-go-star
  • Ritchey MotoVader 2.4
  • Salsa Shaft Seatpost
  • Marzocchi Marathon S
  • Crank Brothers Candy Pedals
  • Gill Matrix Gloves
  • Pedro’s Toolkit

Bike Cleaners:

  • Muc Off
  • Sh1tshifter
  • Finishline Bike Cleaner

Bike Lubes:

  • Weldtite Smax
  • Finishline Krytech
  • Finishline Cross country
  • Weldtite Cycle Oil

Ancient Extreme Sports

Marathon mountain bike racing is by comparison a bit soft as this history lesson reveals.

Column Two

Jon Wyatt discusses the implications of being forced to sit out the best season for riding.

Hell or Helsinki

Ian Corfe discovers that there is an abundance of trails including some Scandinavian ‘Shore in the Helsinki area.

The Packhorse Trail

All the packhorse trails were built by hand for a very good reason. Ben Reedy uncovers the past and explains the future for these unique northern trails.


Digital mapping is a buzzword within cartography at the moment. It’s the reason that Ordnance Survey can now offer a mapping service that produces a map sheet centred on any location. This technology in conjunction with GPS Navigation means planning routes has a new method. Andy Armstrong tells you whether or not it’s safe to leave the map and compass at home just yet.

GPS Receivers:

  • Garmin eTrex
  • Garmin eTrex Legend
  • Garmin eTrex Summit
  • Garmin Geko 301
  • Magellan SporTrak Colour

Digital Mapping:

  • Anquet
  • Memory Map
  • Tracklogs

The Ritual

Riding in winter requires organisation, willpower and a good deal of motivation. Colin Burgess explains his approach to getting to the beginning of night rides.

The Illness

Losing weight? Is it good for you? Marwood investigates.

Route Guide

Rides in and around Afan Argoed Country Park, South Wales. – three routes described as well as crucial information on what services and amenities are in the area when you arrive:

  • Penhydd 18km (11.2 miles), 1-1.5 hours
  • The Wall 24km (14.9 miles), 1-2 hours
  • Russell’s Epic 68km (42.2 miles), 6-8 hours

Armchair Story

Chipps and a few friends embark on a mini adventure to one of the smaller Scottish Isles. Ferries, trailers, outside loos and whisky galore. Roundup

A brief look at the highlights from the magazines daily website over the last few months.

Singletrack Propaganda

Subscriptions, jerseys, t-shirts, hats, mugs and the new calendar.


Photos and captions from the Singletrack editorial team.