Editors’ Choice 2012


As a Premier-only perk, here’s the Singletrack Editors’ Choice digital supplement, packed with our pick of the best bikes, gear, events and rides of last year. A sample is below, but to get the full digital supplement, hit download.

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  1. Why no Kindle format? PDF is a pain on a small tablet (Nexus 7)

  2. Hi minisnapper. We’ve limited this to just PDF because it’s a publication in which the images take as much precedence as the written content, and the epub and Kindle formats work best at delivering text rather than images. We think it would be a shame to highly rate something and not include a photo.

    Although not perfect, the PDF format is the most universal file format we have, delivering high-quality images and vectorised text. We are always looking at new ways to deliver content better and will take your comments on board.

  3. I get very frustrated at the reading experience of a digital singletrack. I have an iPad so no flash. So why does an edition of IMB work so much better?. The consumer experience must be important to you. Without an improvement I won’t be continuing a subscription.

  4. Would it be unreasonable to ask for digital only content to be produced in landscape format in future? Us laptop luddites don’t have the magic flippyness of tablets!

  5. @Mrsmigginspies Sorry that you’ve not had a good experience with the digital versions so far. We’re aware that there have been technical errors with some recent iPad editions, which have been fixed now. Just delete and re-download the issue. These errors shouldn’t re-occur.Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Grace, knowing which mag editions these “issues” affects would be useful…

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