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Terms & Conditions

Who gets a free gift?

All new subscribers to an annual, autorenew subscription plan (Not monthly subscribers – sorry), either Digital or Print&Digital. Autorenew means that you are signed up to a continuous subscription either paying by Direct Debit or by our online Spreedly payment system that can be managed via your Premier account on our website.

Who counts as ‘New’?

In order to prevent a small minority of people from exploiting our free gift offers we have to place some restrictions on who can claim a free gift. So a New subscriber by our definition is someone who has not had an active annual subscription with us for at least 3 months. This is to stop existing subscribers from canceling their current subscription and starting a new one simply in order to claim a new free gift.

What happens if you run out of gifts?

We strive to make sure there is always a free gift available for new subscriptions. This isn’t always possible and there will be times when there is no free gift available. This page will provide that information. We do try and make sure that we change the promotions on the website as close to the time we run out of a particular free gift so that you will know which particular gift you are likely to get. We can’t always time it perfectly and there are times when we will run out of a certain gift before we get chance to change this page to reflect the new gift. We therefore can’t guarantee that the particular gift we are currently advertising is the one you will receive. However, if you are not happy with the gift you do receive from us then you can return it and get a full refund on your subscription if you contact us BEFORE you receive your first printed copy of Singletrack or in the case of Digital only subscribers, within a month of your payment to us. You will need to return the gift in a saleable condition before we make any refunds and in the case of clothing based gifts you must not have washed it before returning it. If it’s not returned in a fit state to be sent on to another subscriber then we reserve the right to deduct the value of the gift from any refund we make to you and then we will return the free gift to you.

When will I get my free gift?

We need to get your subscription set up in our database before we can send you your free gift. This can take up to 4 weeks to complete. Please allow 28 days for delivery of your free gift before getting in touch with us.

In all cases this page is the best source of information on the current free gift availability irrespective of any other advertising or promotional information published on our site or otherwise.

Price Freeze Terms & Conditions (For subscribers before 3oth November 2012)

The Price freeze for two years promotion is restricted to annual subscriptions only.
The price of our monthly subscriptions will rise from £2 to £2.99 for all subscribers from the 1st December 2012.
The term ‘old rate’ refers to our current (as of 25th November 2012) subscription rate of £35 for Print & Digital subscriptions and £20 for Digital subscriptions. Subscribers on historical rates of less than this ‘old rate’ will be migrated from their historical rate to the ‘old rate’ for their next renewal.

Plain English explanation.

There are a small number of subscribers who are currently paying less than £20 for a digital sub and less than £35 for a print and digital sub. These subscribers will be moved up to the ‘old rate’ in readiness for their next renewal. BUT, no existing subscribers, whatever their rate will be paying the new £39.99 (‘New Rate’) for a Print & Digital sub or £24.99 for a Digital sub for at least one future renewal.
Or another way of thinking about it is..
No current subscribers will pay more than £35 for their Print&Digital subscription or £20 for their Digital subscription for at least 1 more renewal.


If you subscribe at 4:59pm on Friday the 30th November 2012 you will be charged £35 for a Print & Digital subscription. When your subscription is due for renewal on the 30th November 2013 you will only be charged the old rate of £35. On the second anniversary of your subscription on the 30th November 2014 your subscription will revert to the current normal rate at that time.


If you are a current subscriber on an historical rate of £25 for a Print & Digital sub with a renewal date of 30th November then on Friday 30th November 2012 your sub will renew at the ‘old rate’ of £35. On the 30th November 2013 your sub will renew at the ‘old rate’ of £35 but on the 30th November 2014 your sub will renew at the current normal rate at that time.




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