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  • Yodel driver I salute you.
  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    I do so hope it’s real.

    (via @EddyRhead @carrie_p_ on twitter).




    no way…… has the wind or someone moved it?


    The wind would have done well to write the note as well!


    The dog poking it’s head out the door makes that pic.

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    The dog poking it’s head out the door makes that pic.

    Suspect that dog will now feature on a fair few threads.


    I’ve had one from yodel which said “in Greenhouse” which it was, and yes it was well out of sight and dry.

    But! they must have had a right nose around to get there, round the side of the house through the side gate (shut but not locked) down to the bottom of the garden, right in the back corner, not visible at all from the front.

    A bit intrusive imo, would have been quicker to leave it with one of the always in retired neighbours.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Suspect that dog will now feature on a fair few threads.

    anyone seen Laurel and Hardy Way out West, where they put a bucket over Hardy’s head?

    there’s got to be a ‘what’s under the bucket’ thread in that pic?

    Premier Icon DezB


    I usually find mine in the recycle bin.
    One time though, in the rubbish bin… pooey!

    Premier Icon kcal

    my very nice ParcelForce man this morning immediately pointed out the ripped packaging, invited me to check for damage, left his phone number in case there was missing / damaged items when unpacked. cracking.


    That is superb. 😆 These stars are surely in the running for Worst Delivery Service 2014, perhaps relieving ShittyLink of the title after 7 years on the bounce.

    This week I had ‘failed to gain access to property’ 4 times on a parcel, before they returned it. Despite their customer services asking for my telephone number and directions, it later transpired that:

    they have no way of getting this info to the driver
    the drivers have no sat nav provided
    the drivers have no phone provided


    But he was just keeping it dry + leaving it where you wouldn’t miss it

    I had one recently, did not leave a note, just tucked it on top of a wood store,down the side of the house
    I found it completely by accident days later


    we’ve had some issues with a courier named after the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Mercury lately too.

    Mrs_D has bought some garments from the online site of a well known high street fashion emporium. First couple of deliveries, no problem. next two deliveries, one never turned up & the second turned up, opened, left on the doorstep between 7pm & 8pm one night while we were out.

    on raising a dispute with the seller, we were informed that the courier claimed that both of these parcels were “posted through your letterbox” between 11am and 12 noon.
    On the days in question I was working at home. Nothing came through the letterbox, not even a knock on the door.

    To get to our letterbox, the courier has to climb about 13 steps from street level. Obviously far too much like hard work.

    by contrast, I’ve had a couple of deliveries using DPD and DHL and both have been spot on. They were not exactly something that could go through the letterbox though. cymbals.

    oh joy, great timing, i’m supposed to have a pc being delivered by yodel today.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    But he was just keeping it dry

    from what I saw on bbc news this morning, I think up the other way, ie in the bucket rather than under the bucket, might make more sense. At least it’d stand a chance of floating 😉


    set up set up set up set up set up set up set up set up set up set up set up set up

    You moved the bucket then took the picture…


    Royal mail enjoy using my food waste bin for leaving parcels in at the moment. I’m slightly torn as to whether this is better or worse than a trip to the delivery office, but some of the parcels can be pretty funky by the time I rescue them.


    Just running on Newcastle Metro radio’s facebook page.

    I was hoping it was originating from STW but realised it was from the twitter.


    Friend heard doorbell ring. Came downstairs to find a Yodel delivery man posting several “fragile” marked packages through a fanlight window onto the floor some 6ft below.

    Monkeys! Can’t say I’ve heard a good word about them.

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