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  • grantway

    Friends request
    Whats the Yeti 575 2011/12 frame with a 160 FOX upfront
    Are they good for All Mountain use and my mate rides mainly
    in Coed Y Brenin

    All advice be great Thanks


    Coed Y Brenin is no all mountain riding, i snapped 2 2008 575’s so went for the new improved 2011 575(160 floats up front) 4 months later that snapped while riding in chaminox, a failed mech hanger yeti new about this problem an where covering it with warranty.
    i would know it is good enough for any all mountain riding in the lakes/highlands or wales, i would recomend they go for the 142mm x 12mm rear axle makes the backend so much stronger. the frames are going cheap at the mo


    Hi Ahsf
    Forgotten to say he goes to Sierra Nevada Three times a year too.

    So What is the problem with the mech hanger is this an on going problem?
    What was your bike like with the 160 forks up front ?
    did the bike work with 160 travel.


    I’ve been considering going for a 575 for a while now, and with the good deals around recently it has been very tempting. I think I’ve now convinced myself that I’m not going to bother.

    There’s just too many stories of them snapping, and several stories of the warranty response being less than perfect. Think I’m going to save my pennies for a Trek Remedy instead.


    Kevin, cyclesurgery bristol have a remedy (8 i think) on sale. Looks nice.

    kevin1911 – Member

    Think I’m going to save my pennies for a Trek Remedy instead

    IF snapping is your worry, I wouldn’t be jumping onto a Trek.

    Trek have had loads of snapped Remedy chainstays. Their response was to start selling the bike with a 150mm fork instead of 160mm, and reduce the warranty on the swingarms from lifetime to just two years.


    Oh honourablegeorge, don’t be telling me that 😕 Wasn’t that only for the early models of the Remedy?

    Thanks wrecker, will have a look.


    I rode a mates at Swinley and it felt exactly like my enduro, cheaper, stronger and a better warranty with Spesh though


    Being a Yeti dealer, I havent seen the 575 break any more than any other brand we sell, I think the breaking frames thing is disproportionately highlighted on forums like this.
    Which does affect Yetis reputation, as for the handling of warranties, I think Evolution were always very level headed and fair when it came to replacements etc.
    Now Yeti are handled by Silverfish we will have to see how they get on.

    But as for the bike, I dont think it will feel much different to many 140/160mm travel bikes on the market. They are all pretty good TBH.

    kevin1911 – Member
    Oh honourablegeorge, don’t be telling me that Wasn’t that only for the early models of the Remedy?

    Well, my mate snapped his Remedy in two last week, so I’d say not.

    To be fair, every manufacturer has their share of breakages and failures, that’s just the nature of the game. How they deal with it is what sets companies apart. I was seriously interested in a Remedy, but the way Trek changed the bike, and the warranty (they also void the Remedy warranty if you put 160 forks on it) put me right off.

    I ended up on a Lapierre Spicy – Lapierre have had their share of issues with failures too, but their response was to up the warranty on the frames (swingarm included, AFAIK) to five years.

    Incidentally, I was surprised to learn the other day that Specialized only warranty their swingarms and stays for ONE year.

    Also subject to the following limitations, terms and conditions, Specialized warrants to the original owner of each new Specialized bicycle or frameset that the suspension attachment points, and suspension related equipment (including pivot points, bushings, shock units, front suspension forks, chain stays and seat stays, shock links, fasteners) when new are free of defective materials or workmanship. This warranty shall expire one (1) year from the date of the original purchase from an authorized Specialized dealer and is conditioned upon the bicycle being operated under normal conditions and use, and properly maintained.


    So what was Trek’s reponse to your mate’s broken frame?

    I must say it’s not exactly encouraging that so many of the big brands who have been in the business for decades are still having frames that snap, and that they seem to just accept it as par for the course.

    He’s not had a response yet, happened on a (fairly gentle XC) night spin on Thursday night, took it to the shop at the weekend, so he should hear what the deal is in a day or two.

    Trek are supposed to be very good to deal with, to be fair.

    As for frames snapping – it happens. Not every tube or weld can be perfect, aluminium will always fatigue and break, and these bikes are always pushing the boundaries in trying to balance low weight, low cost, and durability. No manufacturer is 100% – that’s why you look into their customer service.

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