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  • Xbox 360 Elite or PS3??
  • KarlE

    Evening all, I am looking to treat myself over the xmas period to either an Xbox 360 or PS3. Anyone got any ideas which is the better system to go for?

    Premier Icon CHB

    PS3. I have both.


    XBOX360, purely as i have one and it seems ok.


    To me PS3 much better being its free online gaming
    and you get a Blue Ray DVD player in one.


    I could of bought either- all my mates have 360's so chose that.

    Get whatever your mates have.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob


    I've owned both and just didn't like the PS3.

    Feels cheap probably because the menu system is the same as my PSP 😕

    Online stuff felt very clunky too.

    The 360 has became a home media hub for me. Sky Player on it is fantastic, assuming you're already a sky subscriber. All the movies on demand, sports stuff on demand etc etc.

    Stream all movies and music from my PC to the 360.

    Last FM also available for free.

    Zune for renting HD movies.

    Online gaming "feels" a lot better on the 360. Yes you pay for it but you get your moneys worth. I still don't think the PS3 has a flagship game yet. GT5 has been delayed for far too long, Tomb Raider's too long in the tooth. Can't think of a stand out PS3 only game.

    Lack of bluray may be an issue but word is a bluray player is coming for the 360 soon. Maybe internal, maybe external.


    PS3 all day long. Absolutely nothing wrong with the online gameplay and it's free. Bluray player as standard. Nice big hard drive for use as a media player. compatable with most if not all audio/video standards. And compared to the x box, it's a more powerful unit. The processing and graphics chipset are more capable than the 360. Making future games have more potential. Simple. Next question. The only reasons i'd see for people to get an xbox is if they didn't want to pay as much, all their mates had an xbox or their favourite game was xbox only.


    The last thing I want on a games console is a **** blue ray player.

    Mrs SP – "I hope you're not planning on playing on the Playstation tonight. I've got us a nice film to watch"


    I'd go with xbox as I use mine as a dvd player and it picks up my wifes mac on the wifi so we can wtch all her knock off movies through it. Not sure if you can do this with PSP?

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    You can do that with the PS3. TVersity is the software I use for the xbox and it works for the PS3 too.

    One downside that is worth mentioning about the xbox is the noise. The cooling fan is noisy and when a game disc is spinning it's very noisy but you can install the games to the HD which means the disc wont spin during play so it's a lot quiter.

    I have both, and although the PS3 seems the sensible choice, it's the xbox i always use.


    We got a PS3.

    Main reason being that all the kids pals have the same. If their pals had 360's then I would have gone for that.

    What do your mates have? Go with them and then enjoy kicking each others butts online.

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