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    Normal shoes & overshoes for me, mainly cause I can’t afford two pairs of road shoes and two pairs of mtb shoes!

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    Overshoes for me. In fact, I’ve been known to wear 2 pairs if the weather is particularly bleak.


    Shoes and over shoes, followed by Sidi winter boots. I wear thick long wool socks in winter to pad out the boots.

    In winter then its the winter bike with MW80 SPD boots.

    If its just cold then thermal overshoes and normal Sidi road shoes on the summer bike.


    Bought a pair in the spring sales .


    I think specific shoes will always be a better choice.
    I’ve never been inclined to spend money on winter shoes, but think I will this year as my normal shoes get ruined over winter with the get wet/ dry on radiator cycles I put them through every week.
    I’ve not had overshoes that lasted a winter either so they’re probably not a cost effective choice.

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    Last winter I used my normal shoes plus overshoes.

    This winter I need to do something else as my feet got cold.

    I will either put SPD’s on and use my MTB winter boots, buy some winter road shoes or more likely ride off road when the weather is crap and ride on road with normal shoes when it’s nice.


    buy mtb winter boots

    stick SPDs on the road bike

    wear mtb winter boots on and offroad.

    if its particularly cold and wet or windy i stick overshoes on over the wintershoes.

    rusty trowel

    Normal shoes with vents taped up, Belgian booties and then shoe covers over them…Still get cold feet though 🙁


    What’s the general consensus on the best solution for winter footwear on the road?

    regular road shoes with waterproof overshoes, eg Endura Road overshoe, or
    proper winter road shoes, eg Shimano RW80, or
    or winter shoes and overshoes



    Going for trail rats idea .Winter road for me means the back roads which are muddy. add big 37mm tyres and winter riding is a rougher sport.

    Premier Icon iainc

    if on the road bike, then road shoes and oversoes – toasty

    if on the cross bike, then thick socks and mtb boots (defrosters) – toasty

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    I’ve never been inclined to spend money on winter shoes, but think I will this year as my normal shoes

    Once you do, you’ll wonder why on earth you didn’t try this any earlier!

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    Shimano RW80+ Merino socks.


    +1 Northwave Artics (with Spesh footbeds)


    spds seem to be much colder than road cleats though. big lumps of metal. My feet have always been fine in thick socks normal shoes and neoprene over shoes.


    I use MTB shoes and pedals on the road anyway…
    shame it’s not a good time to buy winter shoes…

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    I actually put spds back on my mtb and wear winter boots as I have not solved the flat pedal/warm feet conundrum and do the same with the road bike [put spds on not flats!]
    While on this subject, anybody tried overshoes with flats? I appreciate the pins would probably rip the bit under the shoe but are there any overshoes that fasten to avoid passing under the shoe?

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    Normal shoes, which have a gortex inner, with merino socks and some cheap neoprene overshoes.

    Commuted in twice a week last winter, feet didn’t get cold but the 3/4 length shorts did mean my lower legs felt the nip until up to speed.


    After years of suffering I’ve bitten the bullet and bought some NW Celcius Artics. I am looking forward to warm feet!!

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    got some diadora winter boots from Merlin last year and they have been a god send, even wear them with some overshoes when it’s really wet.

    I find that overshoes with normal road shoes let water in.

    Winter boots FTW IMHO

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