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  • rascal

    …I scoff SIS energy gels that expired in May 2013?
    Might need one tomorrow during a ride but just noticed it’s slightly out of date 🙄
    Out on the pop tomorrow night so can’t scupper that!

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    It’ll be fine….


    You might acquire superhuman powers. Not sure what they’d be though…

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I scoffed a load of those cliff shot block jelly things with my 11 year old after they’d been unwrapped in my backpack for six months. luckily we did no exercise that day and so we survived


    How can that stuff go out of date?
    If it tastes okay it probably is.
    I would test one before the ride though, in case, you know…

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    Great conversations of all time-
    “you can’t eat that pot noodle its a year out of date!”


    You may sh*t yourself, yes. The good news is that in doing so, you’ll probably clear it all out of your system, ready for beers later.

    Just remember the golden rule:

    Never trust a fart on a dicky stomach


    Hmmm…I might rely on the power of Tangfastics instead.
    I don’t want to shit in the front seat of the car of the nice man who’s giving me a lift to the Peaks tomorrow 🙂

    Premier Icon binners

    Surely it has the same half life as uranium? You’ll be reet!


    I use ones several years past their “date”.

    Not dead yet.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    You will, but not because they are out of date.


    scaredypants – Member
    I scoffed a load of those cliff shot block jelly things with my 11 year old

    Given that those Bloks are half an shot of espresso each, that must’ve been an interesting day!


    try not to cough! 😀

    Premier Icon simmy

    Prob s*** yourself anyway with them SIS ones if you are anything like me I really don’t get on with them.


    Long life sealed foods like Gels will be fine for ages after the date. Its short life dairy, meat etc that is dodgy.

    I’m slurping out of date for goodness shakes powder mix (with milk powder in it presumably) with no ill effects 🙂


    I found a Torq bar at the bottom of my Camelbak halfway through a long ride last weekend. I was starving/bonking so I ignored the fact it “expired” in June 2012 and scoffed it. No ill effects. I will now clean out of pack more often.


    For the love of god, don’t risk it. It’s my **** car.


    Most if not all that stuff has a best before date. Not a use by

    Working in a shop we as stuff always end up with the out of date stuff and all is good.
    Apart from me , I don’t seem to get on with go gel at all


    I’ll never understand people wasting calories on that shite, can’t you just stick a pork pie in your pocket?

    Premier Icon JoeG

    I have a package of butter in my fridge. It expited on August 15, but I’m still not finished the first stick out of four!

    I know that I’ve eaten Clif bars at least a year past expiration.

    Premier Icon scandal42

    Im not riding behind you. I will give you a gel to avoid muddy trails.

    Premier Icon stu170

    I cleaned out the mothers understairs cupboard a few weeks ago. Found some beer that was givn to the old man on his 40th. 23years later and only 21 years out of date. I had a sample. Drank the lot. I aint dead. Often have yogurts that are afew weeks out of date. And milk easily surpasses its self by date.

    Im sure the sis with all it chemicals will be fine


    Raided my emergency trail snacks last week.. Consumed a mule bar that expired 2009 and a honey stinger protein bar that expired 2010.. Tasted just as I remembered when in date.. And no I’ll effects here


    I only buy them when tesco are selling the short dated ones off, so I don’t think I’ve ever eaten an energy bar that’s still in date

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