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  • soobalias

    dont suit everyone, but if they do, they are damn good

    get what you pay for?

    as they are so expensive, i lent one of my spares to a friend to try before he bought. I never got that one back!


    more suppliers/shops should setup up loan saddles schemes so you can try before buying..


    Fizik Gobi the comfiest saddle yet and very comfortable but one rail snapped in half on me!


    Found them to be comfy but they squeak like mad. Or is that just groaning from having my fat a*s sat on it?


    Loving my Gobi – also got a Tundra and WTB Rocket and neither come close for comfort

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    I also love my Gobi, although my last one had to be replaced by the shop after the glue holding on the cover came adrift at the rear and under the nose on the 4th ride 🙁

    Touch wood, the new one has been fine 🙂


    fookin good! Had aone last year and got rid in the pursuit of lightness, got a charge knife, whilst light it was uncomfy 🙁
    Swapped to a charge spoon that was ok but heavy and sofa like, WTB devo – light, hard, uncomfy and not nice 🙁

    Old Fizic yesterday and like sitting on an old comfy chair 🙂 Happy arse again!


    my mates squeaked, and the leather came un-glued.

    i put that down to an over vigourous cleaning regime.
    my feather weight stands little chance of breaking the Ti rails.

    Premier Icon glenh

    I've got a Fizik Nisene which seems just as comfy and is way cheaper than the Gobi.
    Little heavier of course, but not excessively.


    mine didnt suit me at all, but it was well made.

    Very comfy for me – and yes they squeak.

    Reason for me it that Fizic sensibly ignores the trendy "slot in the middle" thing which has made so many other saddles flat, and so puts all the pressure on two very small parts of sit-bones (which very soon gives me arse boils..).

    The other really comfy saffle I have is 1989 built solid plastic factory spec GT. It's got no padding, and is narrow but a very similar shape to the Gobi in cross section.

    It's the cross-section which is important, and irritatingly that's one thing which is very hard to get without measuring and trying. Before I found my Gobi, I used to go into shops with a cardboard cross-section template modelled on my ancient GT saddle.

    It was soon clear that the Gobi was the only one with the necessary "hump", that didn't compromise itself on the trendy altar of the perineum.


    Hated mine, really wanted to like it (I had spent £70 on it after all) but had to flog it on here after 3 rides, most uncomfortable saddle I ever owned. 🙁


    Hated mine and it fell apart.


    Saddles are one mans meat and another mans poison but I do like the Fizik's I've had but here's a weird one. I've had two SLR's – one on a ti hardtail and one on a FS bike and I hated the one on my FS bike as it felt like a razor!!!

    Premier Icon billyboy

    My crutch hurt for two weeks after riding one for three hours

    Premier Icon glenh

    You shouldn't ride when you are on crutches.

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