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  • Who had a fun ride today and has come home feeling happy?
  • Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Bit of an ordinary one for me – rain at Glentress this avo was torrential and I felt a bit blunted – had planned to ride all sorts but ended up doing a pretty standard route. NN on the front being a fickle bastard in the wet didnae help.

    I pushed the boat out after the ride – bought a coffee and cake from the new Peel cafe! Opened this weekend apparently, seemed a nice layout.


    Welsh Game Fair this morning, home from the mudfest that is the showground- to blazing sunshine. So an explore of some new trails in some localish woods has put a massive grin on my chops.

    Premier Icon mrhoppy

    A nice spin round the Mynd in the sunshine. Nice to get out on some proper trails, I’ve been on the trail centres too much recently. The run from the top of packetstone hill to the bottom of Minton Batch always puts a smile on my face.


    Twas a cracking ride on Mendip with Clink. New gearing on 29er of 32/16 surprisingly managed to clear all climbs except one.
    Best thing was making Clink bonk at the bottom of Axbridge swoopy. The power of go gel and sesame snaps to the rescue and ride was resumed.

    Excellent riding!!

    captain slow

    after family weekend and fatherly duties didn’t think I was going to get out, but at ten to five managed to dash off for 28 mile road ride to Windsor and back and would you believe the sun came out!



    Had an uplift day at Moelfre Hall nr Oswestry.
    Only one crash after taking a different line through some braking bumps.
    Got about 8 runs in before the fatigue got to me. Good fun Highly recommended.


    Yep. Was charged up on maccaroons and ginger thins this afternoon so burned round my usual circuit, skipping one hill I knew would be too slippery. With a SB8 on the back I was still sideways for much of the ride but wasn’t too slow.


    Princetown, Meavy, Burrator and back with the dog leading the way. Perfect weather, perfect day. One tired dog now flaked out under the table. Work tomorrow…bring it on 🙂

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    Skyline at Afan with some of its newly reopened sections.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Mostly dry here, bit wet in a couple of ditches and bombholes in my local woods, but really nice this afternoon.


    Nice dry and warm flat ride round the Wyre and along the Severn up to Trimpton reservoir, pub stop in Bewdley before coming home. Nothing tech or gnar but made a nice relaxing change to downhilling. Came back with both a smile and also a new full sus frame I picked up whilst I was there 🙂


    london to brighton for me !


    Was a beautiful evening up on the Mendips tonight. Few little puddles but not too much. Did a bit too much for the spaniel though and ended up carrying her back up Limestone Link on my shoulders.

    She recovered well after a break and then we did a gentle circuit of Burrington Coombe back to the car at the bike shop.

    Shes now flat out asleep 🙂

    quick 6-7 mile easy local loop from a friends house, first time back on the bike since 2 months ago when i fractured my shoulder… pace and legs were fine but mind was definitely getting in the way of enjoying anything downhill.

    nice to be back on a bike though 🙂

    Premier Icon Ben_mw

    Had a great wee ride on the Trans Pennine Trail. (Never thougt I’d say that)!
    First ride with the wife for months and first ride with my daughter in her trailer. Also managed to break the dog – 15 miles is a long way for her little legs.


    I took the singlespeed up to the Dark Peak for the first time to see how it (and I!) would cope. (Very well as it turned out!)
    Did a loop from Derwent over Crook Hill, Hagg Farm, Thornhill, Roman Road to Hope Cross, Blackley Clough, Rowlee and the Lockerbrook descent.
    Weather stayed nice and a great ride was had. 😀

    1 and a half times round a wet Carron Valley with my wee brother. His first time there.
    CV is always a good laugh.
    We went to the pub after too. 😀

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