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  • Who are you? Where do you come from and what do you do?
  • I live in Vegas.
    I boil turnips

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    I am a daddy and I live in a valley 😉

    (best thread in ages)

    Premier Icon Dogsby


    I live in the south but am about to move to Quedgely in Gloucestershire and I am yet to investigate the riding options. Whats good around Gloucester?


    Premier Icon bruk


    Thoreau says simplify.

    Premier Icon ton

    sometimes i am bombadillo
    i live on the banks of the brandywine river
    and drink in the green dragon


    I like to loiter outside school gates wearing nothing but a troy lee hoody with the aim of seducing small children into illicit sex and downhill riding.

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    I am bike
    I live in the Forest
    I generally do about 40 miles to the gallon (hic!)

    Premier Icon Cougar

    ride – any gal with a pulse

    Fussy sod.


    I share a birthday with Gary Numan
    Kid Creole and the Coconuts wrote a song about my surname.

    Edric 64

    Never mind a pulse ,warm will do!


    I'm Tom (obviously). 21, from Northamptonshire which is possibly one of the worst places I can think of for mountain biking as all the bridleways are pretty much completely flat. Just finished uni, hoping to either get a junior/runner job at a VFX company or if that fails, I'm going to have a go at setting up my own little web/video company with a friend. Already got a few clients lined up for that, but it doesn't sound as fun as working in the real industry in VFX.


    Interesting thread.

    Hello, I'm Joolz (Julie). I'm 26, from Lincoln. I manage a theatre. I'm still fairly new to mountain biking. I have a Scott Contessa 30 (2009). It's beautiful; white, black and gold. I believe the paint job makes me go faster 😀

    ive got no hands 😯

    oh and i also live in gloucestershirre

    ron jeremy

    Okay, my name is David,
    I work for one of the UKs largest independent adult toy websites (hence the forum name)
    and I ride most things badly (just ask the ex wife), but I am getting better….

    …..trust me

    My name is Mitch. I am from Barnsley. I am a psychiatric nurse, and a cheeky northern monkey.


    I work as a medical delivery driver, here in the Isle of Man

    Joolz, I want your job….

    I stage manage a couple of local group but would love to run a theatre…


    I work as a casual at our local theatre, The Gaiety Theatre in the Isle of Man, one of my biking mates Seamus is the Technical Manager there.

    look me up on facebook Andrew Sinbad Simpson



    originally from k/ford via wombourne to helensburgh, folkestone, warrington and finally settled in sheffield

    buy lorries, big sheds and other logistics stuff for food maker

    felt hardtail


    I am your Dear Leader from the Kingdom of GeordieLand.

    Bow down then lick my boots you maggot or head off.


    I'm Graham from Worcestershire and for the benefit of any Americans reading this, there are only three syllables in Worcestershire.
    I provide real time hands on ongoing lifecycle management support strategy system solutions for mobile technical assets in the urban and rural mass transit stage carriage public transport sector.


    I'm sharki.

    was suffering extreme depression and walked away from a certain tree and rope.

    Now walking around the coast sleeping where i can, helping whoever accepts my help.

    Will do anything for a meal.

    Currently in south devon.

    Will move on round the country doing the same, if you need owt doing and perhaps have a spare bike to ride, perhaps we can help each other…

    E-mail in profile.


    Will do anything for a meal.




    Joolz, I want your job….

    Lol, the grass is always greener – I doubt you'd want my salary 😉


    Btw, facebook says you don't exist! I wonder if they've thought to tell you that? That's a hard fact to face 😉

    Somerset, via Essex and Hampshire
    Design computer systems, when I'm allowed
    Giant TranceX and a Boardman Team (my build)

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