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  • Which Ti frame (recommend one)
  • Premier Icon Wally

    How many other guys sell a bike and then so quickly respond to chatter?
    OK maybe Mike at Dialled – but I have one of those too 🙂
    It is reasuring, I hope you can keep it up Brant.

    Premier Icon brant

    I’ll try, but I’ve only just got up.


    “If it’s that light though, surely it’s a bit of a flexy mess when ridden?”

    late reply – but no, not necessarily. stiffness to weight is largely about balancing wall thickness and diameter. ti is generally whippier than steel or alu, but the Genesis is a good bit stiffer than a couple of other popular ti frames i’ve ridden.

Viewing 3 posts - 81 through 83 (of 83 total)

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